Now Even Pets Can Enjoy Fan-Favorite Aldi Foods

There is no shortage of well-liked Aldi products that might take up space in the pantry and freezer of those who regularly shop at the supermarket chain. Whether you're three-deep in Aldi's most popular condiment or you always have the fan-favorite feta cheese stocked, anyone who shops at the grocer knows that buying extra of a favorite item is the way to go. You never know when Aldi is going to switch up what's stocked on its shelves.

The popular retailer has been making some bold moves recently, including expansion in location and in products. In fact, Retail Wire reports the chain is expected to move up in the ranks by becoming the "third largest grocer in the country" by the end of 2023. New locations, 20 of them, are being added in the Gulf Coast states, making Aldi products more accessible to residents of that region. And while folks may be jumping for joy at having an Aldi close by to shop in, there's something in it for the dogs, too.

Aldi is launching branded dog toys

Though some of the grocer's foods that have a massive cult following may not be the best match for your furry friend, there's no reason your dog shouldn't be able to get in on the Aldi action. According to People, Aldi is launching a "capsule collection" inspired by some of its shoppers' favorite products. The collection includes plush toys comically modeled to mimic some of the chain's popular items including the red bag chicken, signature hard seltzer, and bottled mimosas. There's even a kettle chip plush with a fake label for a funny, dog-appropriate flavor — "Cuban sandwoof."

According to People, Aldi's capsule collection will have a variety of items that are marketed toward humans as well. Shoppers can look forward to purchasing everyday items like socks, pajamas, and hydration bottles. The chain has posted a preview on its website detailing the new finds. Frequent Aldi shoppers might appreciate the quarter-holding keychain since $0.25 is the exact cost Aldi makes customers pay for shopping carts. The collection is expected to be available on April 20, but anyone who has their heart set on a plush for Fido or a keychain for mom may want to mark the date on their calendars as items are only available until the merchandise runs out.