Katie Lee Biegel's Sheet Pan Pork Chops Are So Relatable

Sometimes, we crave warm home-cooked meals but dread doing all the prep work and cleaning. In times like these, it's a good idea to have some easy one-pot recipes. Or you could go something like this simple recipe for Greek chicken that you can throw on a sheet pan and pop in the oven — it takes less than an hour from start to finish.

If you need even more ideas, then Katie Lee Biegel's April 25 Instagram post is for you. In this post, the Food Network personality shared a video demonstrating how to make Brown Sugar Spice Pork Chops with Cauliflower and Carrots. The full recipe is included in the caption, but essentially, all you need to do is make a spice mixture to toss on your pork chops before baking the food in the oven. 

To make the dish feel fancier, she says you can add some cilantro as a garnish. Just be careful not to overcook the pork chops; that's the main reason pork chops are dried out instead of juicy.

What do Lee's fans think about this one-pan dinner?

Overall, Instagram responded positively to Katie Lee Biegel's post, but the thing people found relatable wasn't necessarily about the food itself. Several people pointed out the state of the star's sheet pan in the comments section. One person said, "Your sheet pan looks like mine — often used and loved!" while another commenter wrote, "Never trust a cook with a clean sheet tray! Glad yours looks like ours! Celebrities they're just like us." It's clear that some fans are also putting their sheet pans to use often, but if you're a stickler for keeping things in their best condition, you can learn from Ina Garten's spotless sheet pans.

As for the food itself, one person had high praise for the flavor combination, saying, "Brown sugar and pork chops go sooo well together." This dish also has given people inspiration for new ways to prepare their meat. One fan said, "I'm making this the next time I make chops!" Based on the comments section, it looks like a few people will be trying out Lee's recipe. 

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