Every Triscuit Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

The original Triscuit is a woven wheat cracker with a slightly salty taste that pairs nicely with toppings and as a base for canapes. The Triscuit was invented in 1900 by the creator of Shredded Wheat (via Snack History). The name for Triscuit is based on the "Baked by Electricity" caption that accompanied this product and referred to the method by which it was created. Triscuit was acquired by Nabisco in 1928. 

These crackers are made with wheat, oil, and salt and are Non-GMO Project Verified (via Triscuit). Triscuits were originally only available in one flavor; these days, they are available in 14 different varieties. Numerous Triscuit varieties that were once in operation have now been discontinued: These include flavors such as Rye with Caraway Seeds, Wasabi & Soy Sauce, Sweet Potato & Sea Salt, and even Cinnamon Sugar. Some of the flavors that are still in circulation today are delicious and seriously addictive while others are more average and bland. 

14. Dill, Sea Salt, & Olive Oil

Dill is widely used in Eastern European, Scandinavian, and Middle Eastern cooking (via Delishably). It is frequently added to meats, rice, and salads. It's also commonly used to season pickles. Dill is a rather assertive herb: It has a strong taste and doesn't always pair nicely with other flavors. One of the main selling points with Triscuits, and with crackers in general, is that they can complement cheeses, dips, deli meats, and other toppings; however, Dill, Sea Salt, & Olive Oil Triscuits don't really pair with other foods very well. 

This Triscuit flavor might work with smoked salmon, though it clashes with most other foods. While the notion of dill flavored crackers is quite an unusual idea, the crackers themselves are a dud. This overtly strong-tasting product should definitely be ditched unless you're a huge fan of dill, in which case this Triscuit flavor might be ideal for you.

13. Balsamic Vinegar & Basil

While balsamic vinegar and basil are classic Mediterranean flavorings that tend to work well together, this pairing isn't quite ideal for crackers. Even if this flavoring did work in theory, the Balsamic Vinegar & Basil Triscuits don't really taste all that much like either of the named ingredients. Instead, they are strangely sweet, with a flavor that's just plain odd. Not terrible, but not all that good, either.

As a cracker pairing, these Triscuits might work with Mediterranean flavorings such as tapenade but they don't really bring anything amazing to the charcuterie board. According to iGourmet, balsamic vinegar tends to work well with various kinds of cheeses such as pecorino, gouda, and reggiano. While this flavor should work with cheese and probably will not clash with it, the inherently odd taste of these crackers means that they will fall somewhere between slightly strange and just sort of negligible.

12. Fire Roasted Tomato & Olive Oil

Fire Roasted Tomato & Olive Oil is another Triscuit flavor that should be delicious on charcuterie boards alongside artisanal salamis, kalamata olives, and imported provolone. This would be a nice idea if it worked, though it really doesn't: These crackers taste like a too-sweet store-bought spaghetti sauce such as Ragu. Actually, an even closer comparison might be pizza-flavored Pringles or Combos.

If you really like pizza-flavored things that aren't pizza, you'll probably love the Fire Roasted Tomato & Olive Oil Triscuits. If you're interested in making mini-pizzas from Triscuits, this is probably the correct flavor for such a purpose. These crackers would probably taste fine with a slice of cheese as well though they're definitely not ideal for any kind of fancy canapés in which the gustatory sensation you're going for isn't reminiscent of a gas station snack. These are unlikely to elevate your palate, though they're quite doable as a kind of average snack.

11. Roasted Garlic

Garlic seasoning is a highly over-used spice according to many chefs. Still, if garlic's your thing, you might get excited at the thought of Roasted Garlic Triscuits. If this is the case then you're practically guaranteed to be disappointed. This flavoring is pretty weak: Evidently, the "roasted" component of this garlic flavor has led to a Triscuit that doesn't taste much like garlic at all. 

When it comes to garlic as a flavoring, it seems there's very little middle ground. Those who love it, really, really, love it and would most likely welcome a seriously garlicky-tasting Triscuit. Those who don't care for garlic in all the things are probably just going to buy a different style of Triscuit anyway, no matter how muted the Roasted Garlic flavoring may be, which begs the question: Why did Nabisco bother with this variety at all? The flavoring is just ineffective and unless you're looking for a highly bland wheat cracker, you're best off skipping these altogether.

10. Hint of Sea Salt

While labels such as "low sodium" and "high fiber" may not seem glamorous, they're often touted by brands as having health benefits and listed proudly on the packaging: Low sodium foods are associated with lowering blood pressure while high fiber foods tend to improve the digestive system.

There's nothing particularly terrible about Hint of Sea Salt Triscuits but there's nothing great about them either. Even if the oil and salt have allegedly been upgraded, what you're actually getting is less flavor due to the reduced amount of salt. Also, the sea salt in these Triscuits tastes no different to regular salt; in fact, the salt seems to be barely there. 

If this product allows you to keep eating Triscuits and lower your blood pressure at the same time, then we're all for it, but their overly mild flavor keeps these crackers as a bit of a last resort. 

9. Avocado, Cilantro, & Lime

Guacamole is popularly consumed with tortilla chips rather than Triscuits, and perhaps this is why it's difficult to ascertain what purpose these Avocado, Cilantro, & Lime Triscuits really serve. The whole idea of guacamole flavored chips may be a bit pointless since if you're dunking them in guacamole then the flavor is superfluous, and if you're eating them dip-free then chips with some light seasoning on them don't even begin to make up for the missing condiment of guacamole or some other dip. 

These Triscuits occupy that uneasy middle ground between something you'd eat on their own and crackers that you would pair naturally with any particular topping. These Triscuits don't taste at all unpleasant, although they are a bit strange. They're fine right out of the box but they're not exactly addictive. While Triscuits and guacamole may not be the best combo, these Avocado, Cilantro, & Lime Triscuits should pair relatively well with black bean dip.

8. Rosemary & Olive Oil

When it comes to the Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits, Nabisco may have finally hit upon that subtle, sophisticated, charcuterie-friendly flavor they tried (but failed) to achieve with the balsamic and tomato varieties. While the olive oil component of this flavor is proudly displayed on the packaging, the olive oil flavor is not straightaway apparent in these crackers. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what kind of taste the olive oil is contributing to these crackers. 

The rosemary, however, is a different story. The taste of the herb is palpable so be sure to avoid these if you're not a rosemary fan. The flavor isn't overwhelming, though, so if you're still on the fence, rosemary-wise, you won't be too put off. These crackers taste pretty good on their own, but where they really shine is with Mediterranean or Middle Eastern toppings and dips such as feta cheese or hummus.

7. Original

Original Triscuits are such a classic food that they will likely make a welcome addition to most pantries. Original Triscuits are tasty, crunchy, and also quite healthy. There's something quite comforting and nourishing about the Original Triscuits. They have just the right amount of sea salt seasoning that doesn't overpower but makes a subtle, highly snackable impression on the tastebuds.

There are times when only Original Triscuits will do: Certain dips, toppings, and cheeses have a strong flavor that needs to stand on its own. Original Triscuits go very well with foods such as brie cheese and muenster as well as apricot and goat cheese dip (via One Good Thing).

While unadorned Triscuits are an okay out-of-the-box snack, they are an essential building block of numerous canapes and other recipes. For this reason, you can easily purchase "family-sized" packs of these Triscuits since they're so versatile that they'll be consumed long before they go stale.

6. Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil

The best part of the Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits is the pepper, cracked or otherwise. There are very few things, desserts included, that can't be enhanced by just a tiny hint of heat, and even though black pepper is the only dominant flavor at play here, it's just enough to elevate these crackers to a cut above several other Triscuit flavors, including the original variety. 

The only thing disappointing aspect of the Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits is the fact that they seem to have dialed back on the salt, perhaps to compensate for the pepper. The crackers are also not quite as peppery as we might have liked, but any pepper is still better than none. If there was a way to combine the saltiness of the Original with a little bit of pepper, then Nabisco would be well on its way to creating a near-perfect cracker.

5. Original Thin Crisps

There's something so wonderful about the Triscuit Original Thin Crisps variety. The flavor really shines through in this version. They taste saltier and less wheaty that the Triscuit Originals, which makes them a better snacking substitute. While they don't provide a solid enough base for heavier toppings as the originals do, they're just right for dipping. They can be combined with cheeses such as cheddar or even some hot Reuben dip (via Yummly).

Additionally, they also contain far less sodium per serving. Their thinner shape means they are light, extra-crispy, and truly delicious. Since they're lighter, you can also consume several at a time without feeling too full whilst also gaining maximum flavor satisfaction. Eating a handful of these almost feels like tucking into a bag of chips. They're also a wonderful way to eat on the go.

4. Smoked Gouda

Most Triscuit flavors are not super out of the box: The creators of Triscuit flavors are not really bandwagon jumpers when it comes to getting on board the flavor train. As apparent with the Dill flavored crackers, many Triscuit varieties tend to be dull or restrained in terms of taste. Cheese-flavored snacks tend to be quite popular and Triscuits have opted to go for the slightly unusual gouda flavoring rather than going for something more obvious, such as cheddar, although, according to a Facebook post, a cheddar cheese Triscuit flavor did exist in the past but was later discontinued. 

The best part of the Smoked Gouda Triscuits is that they truly don't need any kind of topping: These Triscuits make that shortlist of crackers (nearly all of them cheese-flavored) that truly can stand on their own. This makes them perfect for an easy and convenient snack that doesn't require any prep or additional effort. 

3. Four Cheese & Herb

If there's anything better than a cheese-flavored cracker, it's a cheese flavored cracker with multiple kinds of cheese as well as some delicious herbs. Four Cheese & Herb Triscuits contain romano, parmesan, Monterey Jack, and cheddar cheeses (via Seaside Vacations). As for the herb, there's just one, and, to be fair, the product name does use the singular form. The problem is that it's parsley, and while the ingredient has quite a distinct taste, it's not really present in the crackers. 

Similar to the gouda variety, these crackers are great as deliciously cheesy stand-alone snacking crackers. The addition of the cheddar gives this snack a classic appeal, while the parmesan adds a wonderful, nutty sharpness to the overall taste. The flavors are complex and interesting enough to keep the tastebuds engaged and the four-cheese mix provides a lovely richness. These crackers are lacking in herbs through and they could do with a stronger taste of parsley or perhaps even some other herbs.

2. Smoked Gouda Minis

It's difficult to conceive of the  Smoked Gouda Triscuits actually getting any better but Triscuits found a way to do so: No, they didn't add herbs or additional cheese, they simply miniaturized them. These Triscuit Smoked Gouda Minis pack an incredible punch of gouda flavor and are delightfully crispy. The best part of Smoked Gouda Minis may be the fact that you can eat a bunch more of them. Their bite-sized flavor makes them perfect for snacking. 

They're also wonderfully versatile. They can be used to make tiny little canapes featuring cheeses, dips, and cured meats. They'd work particularly well with cream cheese (for extra cheesy vibes), salami, and even salsa (via Yummly). They can also be combined with mini pretzels, rye crisps, and/or nuts to make a yummy snack mix. They could be worked into a cheesy Chex mix, as well, or even used in place of croutons in a salad. 

1. Romano, Cheese, & Honey Thin Crisps

The Romano, Cheese, & Honey Thin Crisps are an addictive hybrid of the Triscuit Thin Crisps and the Triscuit Four Cheese and Herb varieties. While Triscuit once offered a range of different flavors in the Thin Crisp variety, most of these were discontinued. The Romano Cheese & Honey Thin Crisps are currently the only flavored variety of Thin Crisps available on the Triscuit website. 

Cheese and honey may not sound like a natural flavor pairing unless it's referring to a neutral-flavored baking-friendly cheese variety like ricotta or cream cheese or possibly a baked brie (via The Spruce Eats). The flavor of these crackers is a pleasant surprise: As it turns out, a very slight hint of honey in these crackers actually works quite nicely with the sharp-ish romano flavor. 

While a Thin Crisp version of the Smoked Gouda or Four Cheese Triscuits might be even better, sadly, neither of these varieties seem to exist. Romano Cheese & Honey are, at present, the only cheesy Triscuit Thin Crisps available, and they make for a truly wonderful snack.