The Unexpected Dessert Recipe Yolanda Gampp Is Most Excited About In Her New Book - Exclusive

When it comes to extravagant and outlandish recipes, Yolanda Gampp takes the cake. The "Crime Scene Kitchen" judge has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of baking, especially when it comes to giant cakes. Gampp, also known for her popular YouTube channel, "How To Cake It," is releasing her second book — "Layer Up!" — filled with seven chapters of jaw-dropping dessert recipes that are each dedicated to a certain flavor profile.

During an exclusive interview, Gampp told Mashed all about her inspiration for the new book and gave us a sneak peek into some of the content. The book highlights "stuffed cake" recipes, which — you guessed it — are your favorite desserts stuffed inside of cakes, although Yolanda emphasized that you can make each separately as a standalone dessert or as just a regular cake. Whether you're a newbie or a skilled baker, "Layer Up!" is the ultimate glow-up cake guide that includes one recipe Gampp is certainly excited about.

Gampp loves the key lime pie recipe

When asked about her favorite book recipes, the cake artist responded, "We had a hard time deciding what the true favorite was. Key lime stands out for me because I love tart and sweet. I'm a big fan and I love it." She continued, "Adding the crusts to the cake layers is something that adds a whole other dimension." Yolanda Gampp also mentioned that cheesecake, brownies, peanut butter blondies, chocolate chip cookies, and more will each have a page in the book. Brownies and cake? That's a no-brainer.

Gampp also named her second-favorite recipe, which includes all things apple pie inside a vanilla spice cake. She added, "There are sautéed apples that I sautéed with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon, layered into the cake. Then, I made the pie crumble, and instead of topping a pie with it, I sprinkled it into the cake." Just thinking about it is mouth-watering. 

"Layer Up!" is Gampp's passion project that has been long in the making, and she encourages fans to get creative with the process. After all, novelty cakes are what you make them!

Visit Yolanda's website to pre-order "Layer Up!" and try new cake recipes.