The Problem Trader Joe's Fans Have With Its Returning Cheesecake Cones

With summer around the corner, it's time to stock up your freezer with plenty of ice cream and popsicle treats. If you want to whip up your own frozen desserts, we've got a strawberry smoothie popsicle recipe that packs plenty of fresh fruit into each bite. But if you need to cool down right away and can't wait for your popsicle to freeze, Culver's lemon ice is here for the season with six fruity flavors, or you can head to Trader Joe's to get a black tea and boba dessert that's been turning heads.

For the most part, customers have positive things to say about the offerings in Trader Joe's frozen aisle. Last year, fans were excited to get their hands on a coffee-flavored ice cream cone, but it seems shoppers aren't loving the brand's mini cheesecake cones.

Instagram user, @traderjoesobsessed, posted a photo of these cheesecake cones and wrote in the caption that "the chewy nutty glazed cone is the best part," but also mentions the product is "just a little sticky." Despite the original poster enjoying these ice cream treats, commenters seem to have a different opinion.

These mini cheesecake cones are too sticky and sweet for some

Although cheesecake lovers might be ready to buy a few boxes of Trader Joe's Mini Cheesecake Cones, not all cheesecake fans wanted more. On the Instagram post by the popular account, @traderjoesobessed, one person commented, "Haha, I hated these! So shocking because cheesecake is a favorite of mine. They tasted weird!" The caption does note that the ice cream filling tastes more like cream rather than cream cheese you'd typically find in a cheesecake.

Another TJ's shopper shared "they were sticky and crumbled." Similar complaints filled the comments, particularly about the stickiness of the cones. Ultimately, there were many negative comments, with users mentioning that the sweetness was overwhelming. One person said, "I really thought these were going to be an almond-flavored waffle cone with almond pieces filled with actual cheesecake filling. ... They were much too sweet, and to me, not as advertised."

Despite the "way too sticky" complaints, some people did enjoy the cones, calling them "the best" and "My absolute favorite item!" It looks like this comes down to preference with flavor and texture, along with what people thought they'd be getting based on the box.

Now that you know what to expect from the mini cheesecake cones, will you be adding them to your shopping cart? If you decide to pass on the cheesecake cones, here is our ranking of Trader Joe's ice creams so you can find another option for dessert.