Burger King Launched Two Meat-Free Restaurants, But There's A Catch

If you've been eating out more recently, you may have noticed that there are a lot of new and innovative plant-based menu items that have been appearing at many restaurants — chain and local alike. Even in fast food restaurants, you can find plenty of meat-free burgers, and we've even previously rounded up the best fast food places to find Impossible Foods plant-based meat products. While quick-serve restaurants and burger chains have more meatless options, for the most part, meat is still a staple part of the menu, whether it's burgers or chicken. But that's going to temporarily change for Burger King.

According to Vegconomist, a vegan business magazine, Burger King is going to be opening locations that won't be serving any meat. Instead, there will be options like the Cajun Veggie King and the Long Cajun Veggie King. Based on the photos, the Cajun Veggie King looks more like a classic burger, while the Long Cajun Veggie King is on a sesame seed bun and, as the name implies, is longer than the classic one.

From the information provided by the Vegconomist and I Am Expat, it doesn't look like the menus will be vegan, only vegetarian. However, these Burger King locations will have 14 different menu items that customers can enjoy without meat. Unfortunately, there are a couple of catches to this vegetarian menu.

These meat-free Burger Kings are open for a limited time in Switzerland

Vegconomist and I Am Expat both report that there are only two Burger King locations in Switzerland that will be going meat-free for now. If you're in Geneva or Basel, you'll have the chance to snag these vegetarian Burger King items, but these two stores will also only be going meat-free for less than two weeks. This temporary change goes from June 13 to June 24.

Although these Burger King stores will continue to serve meat, I Am Expat explains that "three new secret veggie dishes will be launched nationwide from June 20." While we don't know if these secret and upcoming menu items will be offered worldwide, we could see more plant-based items hit fast food locations across the globe in the future.

Still, if you're in the United States, you can still head to Burger King and find plant-based food, like the Impossible Whopper. Plus, you can use our copycat recipe for Burger King's Impossible Whopper and enjoy a meat-free burger at home.