What Hannah Godwin Really Eats In A Day

Though it's been nearly three years since her success on "Bachelor in Paradise," Bachelor Nation alum Hannah Godwin still keeps in touch with her fans through her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube account. On these platforms, Godwin often shows the adventures of her and her fiance, Dylan Barbour.

One thing that the couple enjoys doing together is eating. Godwin has posted YouTube videos on her account, such as the, "Rock Paper Scissors Food Challenge," where she and Barbour decide what to eat for an upcoming date by playing the popular hand game. Another popular trend that the couple recently participated in was the "Tortilla Challenge," where they slapped each other with a tortilla if they answered a question about the other incorrectly. Many fans in the comment section also poked fun at the fact that Barbour was eating the tortilla throughout the duration of the video.

But what are Godwin's favorite foods, if she had it exactly her way?

Hannah Godwin starts her day with a flavorful breakfast

Hannah Godwin enjoys eating breakfast in the morning, whether that's a meal she made herself, or one by her fiance. In a "WHAT I EAT IN A DAY" video, the model stated that she has her breakfast with a cup of coffee. In this particular video, Godwin prepared an egg scramble, which she loaded with spinach, tomato, and a bit of cheese.

Another breakfast item that Godwin enjoys is banana pancakes, specifically those made by her fiance, Barbour. He told Us Weekly that he had made them on a whim the one day, and his soon-to-be wife loved the dish so much. Barbour also stated that the couple split up tasks, with one doing something that the other dislikes. Therefore, Barbour usually takes making breakfast, while Godwin prepares dinner.

However, that doesn't mean the roles don't occasionally flip, every now and then. Godwin one time cheekily disclosed in a vlog that she made box-made muffins for Barbour, but ate the tops off before he could get to them.

Her favorite food is a spicy chicken sandwich

Hannah Godwin absolutely loves sandwiches for brunch or lunch (via Instagram). One of the questions that Dylan Barbour got correct in Godwin's recent, "Tortilla Challenge," TikTok is her favorite food, which is a spicy chicken sandwich. Godwin and her fiance tried the McDonald's version while they were in France, and gave it subpar marks (via Monsters & Critics).

Godwin is originally from Alabama, where chicken is known to be smothered in "Alabama White Sauce," which is a mixture of mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, brown sugar, and horseradish (via Chili Pepper Madness). The creamy, tangy taste of this barbecue dressing makes it perfect to combat the hot, smoky flavors of Southern fried chicken. Though this food and sauce combination is harder to find in the West, where Godwin has since relocated, that hasn't stopped the reality TV star from getting her hands on her favorite food.

According to A-list Nation, Godwin's favorite restaurant to get this dish from is Tocaya. Though she doesn't have this meal all the time, she still keeps her standards high for this food item, as shown by the 6.5/10 she gave McDonald's take on her favorite dish.

Overall, Hannah Godwin loves simple meals

Hannah Godwin has received compliments on the simplicity of her meals in the past. Fans in the comment section of her "WHAT I EAT IN A DAY" video praised the star of "The Bachelor," with comments such as this one from Psycho Social Creation, who said, "Inspired me to cook it easy fast and healthy I love it." As apparent from her YouTube channel, Godwin enjoys cooking her own food, while using minimal ingredients. One time, the star prepared Trader Joe's famous gnocchi, with chicken sausage, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and asparagus, which she described as "delicious" (via People).

Toasts are also popular in the social media star's snack rotation, and Godwin frequently tops her with avocado. She then typically adds another egg on her toast, for a healthy source of fat and protein. Godwin also expressed that her followers got her on the Everything But the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe's, but in addition, she has quite the affinity for salt and pepper. For a more sweet option, Godwin enjoys peanut butter on her toast, topped with banana. She'll then cut the two toasts in half to split with Dylan Barbour, so they can have both a savory and a sweet option.

If she's traveling, comfort foods are key

In the instance that she's not in her San Diego home, the reality star from "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 6 will still make sure that she has grub to fuel with. Hannah Godwin and her fiance travel frequently, so comfort foods are definitely important to have on hand. In a recent vlog, where she traveled to New York City, she and Dylan Barbour picked up Qdoba bowls before boarding their plane. On that same trip, she disclosed that chocolate made her feel a lot better right before a big event she was speaking at.

Even when traveling abroad, Godwin visited American favorites, such as McDonald's when she was in France. There, she and Barbour tried a croquet, which is a Dutch fried dish that can contain vegetables, meat or fish (via Monsters & Critics). According to HealThy Eating, when people travel, their circadian rhythm is often thrown off by differences in time zones and jet lag. Therefore, eating intuitively and preparing before flights, like Godwin, is essential if one is a frequent flier.

Hannah Godwin prioritizes healthy eating

Hannah Godwin stated in an interview that when she has control over her cooking at home, she tries to eat fairly healthy, but lives a balanced lifestyle overall, and enjoys herself when she goes out to eat (via A-list Nation). Godwin also enjoys being physically active, and has posted a workout video to her YouTube channel for her fans to follow along with. In addition, she has helped her fiance promote his fitness app, Vizer, which rewards users for exercising, on her social media platforms.

On April Fool's Day in 2020, Dylan Barbour made an announcement on his Instagram last year, suggesting in the first two paragraphs of the caption that he and Godwin were splitting. However, as the reader gets deeper into the caption, they learn that Barbour and his fiancee have actually "decided to stop eating gluten for the rest of the year." Barbour further went on to say that he and Godwin love Costco's blueberry muffins, but wanted to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle for health reasons.

Hannah Godwin enjoys drinks in moderation

Hannah Godwin also loves a good cocktail. Bachelor Nation fans know that contestants are often filmed with a drink in hand. Fellow "Bachelor in Paradise" alum, Dean Unglert, later confirmed the limit to be two drinks an hour, according to Cosmopolitan.

Previously, the former "Bachelor" contestant tried to reduce her alcohol intake to just twice a month, according to a vlog she posted in July 2021. Though it is unknown if that goal has since changed, Godwin stated that if she has a drink with dinner, it's usually wine. However, she will occasionally make a cocktail, as she made a rum-based drink in her "WHAT I EAT IN A DAY" video

In addition, she and Dylan Barbour were recently crowned the Co-CEOs of Chill by Daily's Cocktails, in which they endorsed the company's new spiked cocktail products (via PR Newswire). Though their time in the "Bachelor" franchise has come to a close, Godwin and Barbour still like to enjoy a fun drink every now and then, as seen from partnerships such as this one.