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15 Best Stella Rosa Wine Flavors Ranked

If you're into sweet, fruity wines, you may very well be acquainted with Stella Rosa wines. If this is your first time, let us introduce you to the line! The powerhouse brand, which is the 4th most popular in the United States (via Eat This, Not That!), has made a name for itself as a purveyor of flavored wine. This is a wine with natural flavors, inspired by a more conventional style of wine with some additional sugar. It's a hit with those who don't love regular wine, and for good reason. With more than 30 different styles, there's likely a bottle for even the toughest critics.

They've also created several non-alcoholic styles to appeal to even more drinkers, whether you're skipping booze or not. We've narrowed it down to 15 bottles from Stella Rosa's collection and ranked them from worst to best. So grab a glass and keep reading to see which wine made it to the top spot on the list.

Green Apple

Stella Rosa Green Apple is only 5% alcohol, so it's certainly more of a wine spritzer than a true wine. There are notes of crisp green apple, which make it a perfect suggestion for Havarti cheese and green apple food pairing that Stella Rosa recommends. It should be noted that this drink, along with many of the others in the Stella Rosa lineup, is more of a wine beverage. This contains wine grape must (which is just the grapes after they've been crushed but before they start fermenting), sugar and flavors. So it won't have that pure wine flavor, which is perfect for all those non-wine lovers out there.

Unfortunately, though, this comes as a fruit punch or apple juice. In no way could this be considered a wine beverage. One Bottle Rover reviewer had the right idea when they equated this wine beverage to Jolly Rancher candies. So there's a strong chance this will not wow your friends at your next potluck. But if semi-sweet, green apple-flavored wine is your thing, then at least it means you'll have the bottle all to yourself.

Golden Honey Peach

Next up is Golden Honey Peach. If its name is any indication, this is full-on sweet! You will find some peach notes here, as well as some apricot and honeydew. The biggest takeaway here is that there's no real indication as to exactly what type of wine grapes this was made with. Also, even though honey is in the name of the wine, the sugar content was ratcheted up with the addition of pure sugar, as Drink Hacker surmises. Stella Rosa ranks this as 6 out of 10 on their sweetness scale, but if you're not used to sweet wines, you may be put off.

There is no real reason to spring for Stella Rosa's Golden Honey Peach. It is not particularly interesting in flavor, and there's already another peach drink that is at least made with peach flavoring and therefore carries stronger aromas. We've ranked this second to the last in our lineup of Stella Rosa flavors because the most memorable characteristic about this flavored wine... is that it isn't.

Black Cherry

Black Cherry is a pretty common aroma to sniff out in conventional wines. So it makes sense that Stella Rosa included a black cherry flavored wine in their lineup. This bottle offers juicy red cherry notes as well as other dark fruit flavors.

Tasting.com notes that this bottle tastes eerily similar to cherry soda, which can be a good thing if you're looking to cut back your soda intake. The downside is that it's just as sweet. There's no tartness and no acidity. That's what helps to keep sweet wines from being too over-the-top sugary. Unfortunately, Stella Rosa Black Cherry is just that. 

One Total Wine reviewer was on the mark when they said this was more along the lines of a "sangria-like beverage." Although these wines are amped up with natural fruit flavors, there's no mention of whether or not there's cherry anywhere in this wine drink.

Ruby Rose Grapefruit

If you're looking for a grapefruit-flavored wine... well, Stella Rosa's Ruby Rosé Grapefruit is certainly not lacking in the grapefruit flavor. It's also not lacking in sweetness or rose petal aromas. 

Sounds appealing enough, but the reality is that there's a lot going on without much subtlety. Simply put, if you like big wines that invade your sense of smell and attack your taste buds, then you may appreciate this. On a positive note, there's some slight fizz here, which helps to keep this wine from being over-the-top undrinkable. 

One Vivino reviewer referred to this as a wine cooler, which seems to be a more accurate name for the drink. It's worth a try if you're looking for a sweet, slightly bubbly wine that's low in alcohol. We'd suggest drinking this on the porch after a long day, when you're too tired to pay too much attention to flavor.


Pineapple is another aroma that you can pick up in standard wines. Grab a bottle of new world Chardonnay or a bottle of aged sweet wine, for example, and you'll probably get a whiff of pineapple almost instantly. So it makes sense that Stella Rosa would include the flavor as the main component of one of its flavored wines.

Now, we expected this Stella Rosa Pineapple wine drink to be overwhelmingly pineapple-flavored, but it wasn't. In fact, it was sweet and pleasant, with a hint of pineapple that made the entire wine, dare we say, refreshing-ish. We've mentioned acidity before as one of the components of wine that helps it to balance the sweetness, and this Stella Rosa Pineapple has just enough acidity to make this wine drinkable. 

Tastings.com recommends this wine for poolside lounging sessions, and we think that's a spot-on assessment of the best time to drink this wine.


The point of this roundup is to be completely honest, so here it goes. Stella Rosa Blackberry is actually quite delicious. It's got a long-lasting juicy fruit flavor with unmistakable notes of blackberry, grape, and maybe even some blueberry. 

But where it misses the mark is that it doesn't taste anything like wine! Delicious slightly-fizzy juice? Yes, 100%. However, because this is packaged as a wine and is made to be a wine-type product, we do expect some tannins or something that relates to wine as we know it — and Stella Rosa Blackberry just doesn't have it. 

One Vivino reviewer thinks it's just the right amount of sweet, without venturing into sugar overload. So if you are looking for a sweet wine with blackberry notes, keep looking. But if you want a fun drink to consume chilled that is more of an alcoholic fruit juice, then you may have found your top pick!


There's quite a lot going on in this bottle. Stella Rosa's Rosé is made from wine, 2 types of grape must, sugar, and flavorings. But the brand has managed to produce a rose that has notes of rose petals, strawberries, and ripe raspberries. It's just that it resembles nothing about a rosé. It's made with Pinot Noir, but because you have some other ingredients in there, there's no real essence of true wine, which is a shame.

This is a fan favorite, however, so if fruity rosé that's more like a juice is your thing, you may fall head over heels for this. One Vivino reviewer described it as more of a fruit punch with notes of rose petals. We won't bash it, because this may very well hit the spot on a hot summer's day. It just happens to not be one of our favorites among the many Stella Rosa options.

Stella Royale

Stella Rosa Royale is the brand's foray into more traditional styles of wine. As one would expect, this indeed resembles wine more than juice. And at 8% alcohol content, it's going to have a heavier feeling in the mouth, which also gives the impression of wine. There's no contents list for this on the website, which makes us think that there was no fruit flavoring added to this wine. That's yet another plus, for those who are looking for less of a wine drink and more of a standard wine.

You may gravitate towards this wine if you're a fan of juicy red fruits. It's bursting with notes of strawberries, cherries, and raspberries. One The Best Wine Store customer described it as having a subtle, sweet taste of berries. It seems to be a nice compromise for those who don't like the tannins in some other deep red wines. This has great flavor and a bit of bubbles, which also bring a hint of refreshment to the drink. But overall, it's not super complex, so we couldn't rate it any higher on the list.


Stella Rosa claims its peach wine will make summer last forever. It's got notes of juicy white peach and honey, and like each of the other Stella Rosa bottles, this one packs a sweet punch. If you're not into sweet wines, you've been warned.

As with Stella Rosa's other wines, these grapes hail from Italy's renowned Piemonte region. Because of its cooler climate, grapes from this region are often packed with acidity, which makes them refreshing. The acidity isn't quite there, so the sweetness is overwhelming. And you can't miss out on the peach flavor, which tastes slightly artificial. We can't completely fault this, though. 

Because of its flavor profile, it would work wonderfully as the base for a white sangria. Just add some fresh fruit and a clear liquor of your choice along with some sparkling water or soda for a juicy, light sangria spritz. According to WinePros.org, this is the ideal wine that is low in alcohol, but still has a bold flavor.

Stella Bianco

Stella Rosa seems to think its customers crave honey and peach, so they've made yet another wine with peach aromas. This one's more of a success than the others, though. It's Stella Rosa's Stella Bianco, and Muscat/Moscato grapes are the primary variety used in this wine. This wine is 5.5% ABV, so it's yet another lighter, more refreshing take on wine by the powerhouse brand. It's also one of the few still wines in the brand's lineup.

One Influenster reviewer mentioned an odd aftertaste, and several others mentioned how sweet the wine is. But if you can look past all of that, you might actually like this Stella Rosa wine. It's got bold fruit flavors, very noticeable sugar content, and no fizz at all. Although this didn't knock our socks off, it is different enough from the rest of the Stella Rosa wines to carve out its own spot in the lineup.

Imperiale Moscato Rosé

Stella Rosa's Imperiale Moscato Rosé is a full-on sparkling wine for those who aren't afraid of a few (or a lot of) bubbles. This wine embodies the phrase "go big or go home" with its deep pink hue, lavender label and capsule, and bold aromas. You can expect some notes of apricot, peaches, and wildflower in this wine, and perhaps some other berries such as strawberries and raspberries.

But what we liked the most about this wine was the fact that its sweetness wasn't overwhelming (unlike some of Stella Rosa's other offerings). Here, the sweetness is balanced by prickly bubbles and the fruit aromas. One Vivino reviewer described the sweetness as muted, and said it was great paired with spring rolls. It's also 9.5% ABV, so you can expect this to pack more of an alcoholic punch. Stella Rosa seems to agree with us that bubbles make everything better.

Pinot Grigio

Typical Pinot Grigio wines have an unmistakable acidity, along with notes of lemon and white peach. There's a brightness with the wine that makes it great paired with seafood and chicken dishes. And Stella Rosa's Pinot Grigio doesn't disappoint. There are prominent green apple and pear notes, as well as some lime zest. It also has the distinction of being Stella Rosa's first still wine, according to the brand's website. It's also dry, so there is no sweetness on the palate with this wine.

It does get bonus points for being the wild card of the Stella Rosa lineup, but more than that, it's a pleasant wine to enjoy with or without food. Tastings.com suggests pairing this wine with chicken pad thai, which sounds about as delightful as it gets! It's more sophisticated than a lot of the other wines in the Stella Rosa range, but it does lack a little complexity beyond the fruit notes, which is why this wine didn't rank any higher.


Stella Rosa Black is from Stella Rosa's Luxury Collection. The bottle is draped in black, giving it the allure of mystery and sophistication. So how does the wine match up to its appearance? Honest Wine Reviews describes it as more of a grape soda, especially since this clocks in at only 5% alcohol.

This is a fan favorite on Influenster, with a nearly perfect rating out of more than 5,000 reviews. Clearly, there's something here that drinkers flock to. It's tasty, alright and it's got enough fizz to make it refreshing and also make the fruit notes pop. You might pick up some hints of rich dark fruit, like raspberry and blueberry. But you probably won't even be worried about that, because Stella Rosa Black is a nice wine to pair with food to make you forget all about the stressful day you had at work. Is it the most complex wine you'll ever taste? No, but it's tasty enough that you might not care.

Moscato d'Asti

Although the website doesn't make any mention of it, Stella Rosa's Moscato d'Asti feels a bit like the brand's flagship wine. Moscato from the Asti region in Italy has set the standard for slightly sweet, fizzy wines, and it's clear that Stella Rosa has made many of the label's wines in this style.

The Moscato d'Asti gives you a good idea of the lengths a refreshing, sweet wine can reach. It is fruity and perfect for a summer grill session on the balcony as the meal closer. Just pair it with some strawberry shortcake or a cheese platter with honey to see it shine. One Total Wine reviewer describes it as "perfect for any occasion," which sounds about right: You can eat it with sweet or savory dishes, as well as on its own. It's also available in smaller formats, so you can pack a few in your bag for, say, a trip to the park.

Stella Rosso

Without a doubt, the classics exist for a reason. A great example of this is Stella Rosa's Rosso. If you crack open this bottle expecting a traditional red wine, you'll be highly disappointed. But if you open it knowing that inside is a rich, sweet, nuanced, carbonated wine, you may very well be in for a treat. 

This is the brand's benchmark wine, and we can see exactly why. It's low in alcohol, like many of Stella Rosa's other wine offerings, so expect only 5.5% alcohol. Additionally, it's bursting with notes of strawberry and blackberry. Plus, it feels rich, even though it won't leave you with a mean hangover.

One Amazon reviewer felt it was tart, smooth, and just the right level of sweetness, but also not enough to leave residue on your teeth. If you're having trouble deciding which of the different Stella Rosa wines to try, use this as a starting point and go from there!