Joel McHale Dishes On His Newest Show Celebrity Beef - Exclusive

Most things in life inevitably come to an end. But sometimes, you get the chance to see your favorite TV host return to the airwaves to host a brand new show, and life is good again. That's the case for all the Joel McHale fans out there. The comedian and actor is returning to cable, bringing his biting wit and hilarious charm as the host of "Celebrity Beef."

After his days of hosting "The Soup" came to an end, McHale admitted he never expected to be back on E!. Since then, his career has grown to reflect his foodie side — he's the host of "Crime Scene Kitchen" on Netflix and serves as an ambassador for some big-name food brands, including his most recent partnership with Rold Gold pretzels. Now, the network that helped put his name on the map wants him to host the ultimate celebrity food fight. 

"I was only going to do it if the idea was good, and I think the idea was good," he told Mashed. Say no more, McHale — our attention and our appetites are ready for the showdown. In an exclusive interview, he shared details about "Celebrity Beef" and teased some of the matchups we can look forward to.

Celebrity Beef is the best kind of food fight, according to host Joel McHale

If you plan to tune into "Celebrity Beef," don't expect a high-level culinary competition. According to host Joel McHale, "It's a mess. Definitely. It is a huge mess." Instead, get ready for some hilarious celebrity feuds underscored by some half-hearted attempts at cooking. In McHale's words, "It's a lot of jokes and a lot of yelling over a light argument. There happens to be a bunch of food getting made." 

McHale admits that "it's not scrutinized the way that Gordon Ramsay or Curtis Stone" might judge a cook-off. "The food would not hold up to those standards, but it is tasty ... definitely comfort food." What makes it even more fun is that McHale, as the host, gets to "make up all the rules." He said, "It's really easy for me, and if they're not done in time, I'm like, 'That's fine. Have another five minutes.'"

Sure, there's a chance you'll walk away hungry, but there's no doubt you'll walk away laughing and reveling in the drama of some of your favorite celebs. "There's going to be some [members from] 'Real Housewives,' some [from 'The Bachelor,' and other] actors. We got Chris Evans and Matt Damon going up against each other." All in all, McHale said, "It is a very easy hang with celebrities ... I ate a lot and I gained weight, so I'm working it off now."

"Celebrity Beef" premieres on E! on August 2. Click here to learn more about Joel McHale's latest project, the Rold Gold Gold Hunters Campaign, and enter for a chance to win real gold.