Why Bella Hadid's Trending Pasta Dish Might Beat Her Sister's

For many home cooks, pasta is a go-to meal. It's no surprise, then, that TikTok has had more than one buzz-worthy pasta trend, like the baked feta pasta recipe and the viral pasta chips that you can make in the air fryer. The content keeps coming, as the latest TikTok creator to share a popular pasta recipe is none other than Bella Hadid. The model recently posted a video of a spaghetti dish that includes toasted pine nuts, basil, crispy prosciutto, and plenty of garlic.

This isn't the first time one of Bella Hadid's pasta recipes has gotten attention on social media, though this rendition is definitely getting much more positive comments. Earlier this year, Hadid's mac and cheese recipe went viral for all the wrong reasons. A few weeks later, she's redeeming herself with this prosciutto and pine nut dish, which also includes red pepper flakes and Parmesan. Fans of Hadid have been gushing over the recipe since she shared it on July 1 — so much so that it might even have her sister Gigi Hadid's viral spicy vodka pasta beat.

Here's what people are saying about Hadid's pasta dish

While Gigi Hadid's penne alla vodka was popular, Bella Hadid's recent video is also getting lots of love on TikTok. "chef bella when are you opening ur restaurant?" one commenter wrote on her video. Another fan said, "bella's food always makes my mouth water," echoed by another comment reading, "i'm living for the cooking videos, looks so good every time i wish i could eat it." Though Hadid didn't leave the exact ingredients and measurements for users who are craving the spaghetti, viewers can follow along with the video and adjust everything to taste.

While TikTok's feedback seems enthusiastic, we don't actually know much about what Hadid's pasta tastes like from the video. Fortunately for skeptics, Gabby Romero cooked and reviewed it for Delish. Her verdict was that the dish is definitely worth adding to your list of recipes, adding that "the spicy, garlicky sauce was flavorful and super-comforting." Romero also mentioned that crispy prosciutto and toasted pine nuts were a great combo, but next time she makes the pasta, she'll be adding a little lemon to cut all that porky savoriness.