Twitter Is Raining Hearts On Padma Lakshmi's Birthday Tribute To José Andrés

Social media is often a place of intense discourse. Whether it's ranking the worst chain restaurant on Twitter or a pizza reheating hack that has TikTok divided, no matter the platform, you can always expect varying opinions. So, it's always surprising to see unanimous support for a person or idea. Specifically, when it comes to a celebrity, it speaks volumes about the way they live their life and craft their brand if they have such support.

This praise was displayed in the comment section of Padma Lakshmi's heartfelt birthday tribute to celebrity chef José Andrés. On July 13, 2022, José Andrés celebrated his 53rd birthday. For those unaware, José is a world-renowned chef born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. His nonprofit World Central Kitchen sets up field kitchens to feed people after natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes, per Time. His humanitarian work garnered him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination in 2019. With such compassion for helping others, it's no surprise why Twitter was excited to respond to Padma's tweet.

Nothing but love

In a short and sweet tweet, Padma Lakshmi wished her dead friend José Andrés a happy birthday and included photos of them together. This led to heartfelt messages from fans of José and his humanitarian work and his ThinkFoodGroup of over 30 restaurants worldwide, per Time.

One user not only responded with a birthday wish but even offered a gift suggestion stating, "What a wonderful man! Happy Birthday! Please make your charitable designation on Amazon Smile to World Central Kitchen! This is Prime Day, and many people are ordering, so your donation will go to a great cause!" Donating to an organization that helps others would seemingly align with José's humanitarian impulses.

Another user offered a fun take saying, "How long before this is a recognized holiday?" A recognized holiday is indeed a high honor, but it appears many wanted to praise his character. This tweet sums up the sentiment of most when it says, "Happy birthday to one of the most generous selfless people I've ever heard of!" Happy Birthday, José Andrés.