Giada De Laurentiis' Ridiculously Long Pasta Challenge Has Fans Talking

People have seen their fair share of challenges throughout the pandemic, and the lion's share of those challenges didn't seem fair at all. But none seem to have gained more traction than the challenges we see on TikTok and other social media sites. The only thing people may have turned to more for entertainment is learning a good recipe. In fact, while baking sourdough was a popular choice for non-bakers to tackle while stuck inside (via Tufts Now), many turned to food-related TikTok challenges to help pass the time.

Things got frosty when people participated in the #SnowballFightAgainstHunger, a TikTok snowball fight that helped raise funds for kids in need of food. Tanner Colson had viewers on the edge of their seats when attempting the Espresso Tower Challenge, stacking cup upon cup without letting the tower fall. And even De Laurentiis could not resist taking the "Healthy Coke" challenge that involved mixing sparkling water with a dash of balsamic vinegar — she likened it to cherry soda. Apparently, De Laurentiis liked participating so much that she recently created a food challenge of her own.

Giada De Laurentiis turned pasta slurping into a contest

If Giada De Laurentiis wasn't a pasta queen before, she certainly earned her crown by using her noodle. As she explained in a TikTok video, her daughter Jade wanted to hold a pasta slurping contest. Giada won easily, and a TikTok challenge was born. Weightlifting enthusiast and Italian food lover Andrew Carrabba did a father-son version of the challenge in which they each attempted to inhale an extremely long noodle. Carrabba asked De Laurentiis to post a TikTok duet, and she was more than happy to show them how it's done. Spoiler alert: She did it better.

In a truly impressive competition, De Laurentiis can be seen pretty seamlessly slurping down a very long piece of pasta as the video of Andrew's contest with his son plays next to her. She seemed unphased while Andrew struggled in his clip, even using his hands to feed himself pasta. Fans responded by rooting for De Laurentiis, with some noting they could not wait to try the challenge themselves. Others wanted to follow in Carrabba's footsteps, not by losing but by requesting a duet. As user617254 wrote, "@Giada De Laurentiis you have to duet my two year old – I think we were the second to take you challenge and hers was quick." The celebrity chef has invited would-be challengers to try their hand at out-slurping her and post their video with the hashtag, #giadzynoodlechallenge.