The Blue Diamond Snack That's Adding Zest To Costco Shelves

A world without afternoon snacks would be simply uncivilized. Snack foods have become so ingrained in our gastronomic lexicon (per Harvard Health), that nearly $14 billion is spent on an annual basis in advertising alone by the food and beverage industry to encourage Americans to buy "fast food, sugary drinks, candy, and other snacks." And it clearly works because according to Grandview Research, in 2021 the global snacks market was valued at $1,450.4 billion and is only expected to get larger. People tend to munch on the likes of Pringles, Doritos, Little Debbie cakes, popcorn, and candy bars when the afternoon pangs of hunger hit.

The afternoon or late-night munchies eventually come for us all, and if you are looking to buy snack foods in bulk, Costco might be a good option to explore. The membership warehouse retailer has been known to satisfy a sweet tooth with its Kirkland brand chocolate chip cookies – a returning treat that has shoppers thrilled – and meet those savory needs with its $1.50 hot dog you can get at the Costco food court. But recently, according to an eagle-eyed Costco aficionado on social media, there has been a spicy Blue Diamond almond snack sighting on Costco shelves that can add a little zest to your snack cravings.

Almonds with a burst of flavor

According to a video posted by Instagrammer @costcoguide, the warehouse is carrying bags of almonds tossed in the spicy and zesty flavors of chili and lime. The individual wrote, "Do you love chilé and lime flavor, you need to try these! They're so good! I don't think they're spicy, they're more zesty/tart. Great road trip snack!" The Instagrammer further shared in the video that these savory nuts are being sold in 2.81-pound bags for $15.59. The Costco social media influencer goes on to explain that the chili flavor has a bit of a kick while the lime is "tart."

One follower wrote, "Those are so addicting." While another offered a Sunday afternoon idea stating, "This with a margarita." However, before you get in your car, you may want to call your local Costco because one shopper noted, "Is this recent? Blue diamond says these have been discontinued?" 

Another user expressed some curiosity asking, "I thought Chile was a country." We'll answer that. Per Merriam-Webster, while most people in the U.S. use the word "chili" to refer to a spicy pepper, in some Spanish-speaking parts of the country, "chile" is used. 

If you are a fan of the chili and lime flavor but a Costco run isn't on the books, the Kitchn notes Trader Joe sells bags of Thai Lime & Chili almonds that might work.