Anthony 'Spice' Adams Picks His Go-To Fast Food Order - Exclusive

Who doesn't enjoy grabbing a quick bite to eat at their favorite fast food place? For Anthony "Spice" Adams, it's not so much about where the food is from so much as what it is.

After years in the NFL, Spice has created a whole new fanbase with his comedic posts on Instagram and his role as a host of "The Great American Baking Show." Recently, Spice has partnered with the people at Modelo and Takis to act as the emcee for their "Hand on a Hot Drop" event. In our exclusive interview with Spice, he said, "I'm always working. I'm always looking to have a good time ... I always like people around me to have a great time." 

Having fun with work is a great gift, but with all that work must still come an appetite. For all those busy times where he can't sit down for a meal (or grill something up himself), we asked Spice what his go-to fast food order is.

He loves a fast food classic

Anthony "Spice" Adams was quick to respond, knowing exactly what he wanted: "Fries. I got to have some French fries—whether that's curly fries or waffle fries, it doesn't even matter. I like them all. I like the fresh fries where you are getting the skin off the potatoes, all of that. I love fries."

There really are few things in this world better than crispy golden fried potatoes. There is such a range in style, as Spice noted, but also in quality. When asked if there is a particular place he likes to get his fries from, he responded the way a true fried potato lover would. 

"Anywhere. It doesn't matter. I do it myself. It doesn't even matter. Now everything's so convenient ... You can put it in the air fryer, and it will be just as crispy as if you fried it in the pan. Everything's convenient these days."

He's not wrong — anyone looking to make their own fries can find plenty of recipes to try, from steak fries to a McDonald's copycat version to the giant crispy fries popularized on TikTok.