Every Absolut Vodka Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

Legacy distiller and all-around exceptional vodka brand Absolut Vodka is a household name among liquor enthusiasts. This classic brand advertises its silky-smooth, soft-tasting premium vodka without the burn. It plays the perfect supporting role to a top-notch Bloody Mary, martini, or any other boozy concoction. On top of it all, Absolut Vodka has recently unveiled a new bottle design that looks smashing on the shelf, along with a reformulated drink formula (via The Grocer).

And Absolut Vodka isn't afraid to play with flavor combinations. The distillery accents and enhances its basic formula with bright citrus notes, seriously spicy flavors, and warm vanilla so you can level up your drinks and enjoy a new twist on an old classic on the rocks. Predictably, some flavor combos are more successful than ever. This list of all Absolut blends can help you decide which bottles to pick up immediately and which ones to leave on the shelf.

20. Absolut Berri Acai

Acai berries are a well-known breakfast superfruit notable for their appearance in smoothie bowls, fruit salads, and now vodka. Absolut Berri Acai capitalizes on the trend with a berrylicious blend that invokes pomegranate, blueberry, and acai berries (per Absolut). Although it's good vodka, it's not a game-changer. The power of acai berries hinges on their health benefits, not their actual taste, so we believe combining them with vodka seems a bit counterintuitive.

Absolut Berri Acai is a fine vodka if you're looking for a tart, fruity taste, but not much more. It works well with seltzers, juices, and other fruity cocktails, but doesn't stand on its merits too well. The pomegranate and blueberry flavors compete, lending a muted, vaguely fruity flavor to the spirit. Absolut Berri Acai doesn't totally miss the mark, but it's also not one that you should rush to put in your home bar with so many better Absolut options out there.

19. Absolut Mandrin

Absolut Mandarin is a citrus-specific vodka rendition that seems to take a lot of its cues from Absolut Citron. Unfortunately, it falls flat on the taste, with the naturally sweet mandarin flavor failing to give the vodka its tart bite. The flavor is mild and inoffensive, but it almost seems like a shadow of Citron or even Absolut Lime. Instead of getting full-on citrus, you feel a little bit cheated. Still, it's not a bad vodka; we just don't believe it's a particularly good flavor.

You can elevate the presentation factor of your Absolut Mandarin by putting tiny mandarin wedges and ice at the bottom of your rocks glass before splashing in the vodka. Another idea is to mix it up with ginger ale or ginger seltzer, but Absolut Mandarin's ideal pairing is orange juice. The brightness of the juice plays up the naturally mellow mandarin and lends the drink a boost of extra flavor. But, aside from those cool tricks, our verdict is that Absolut Mandarin is a bit redundant.

18. Absolut Mango

Tasty and tropical, Absolut Mango is a fruit-forward vodka with a noticeable, sweet undertone that's a little too present for our taste. Although Absolut Mango attempts to balance out the sugar with a nice hit of tartness, it's not enough compensation, and the mango flavor seems to get lost in the sugary blend. Nevertheless, Absolut Mango is a decent vodka with lots of juicy, authentic flavors that work well with freshly squeezed juices and as a sweet component of a dessert martini.

Served ice-cold over ice or neat, Absolut Mango is refreshing, but adding a splash of citrus will elevate the tart factor and liven things up a bit. It's not a bad flavor, but it's not revolutionary either, and given Absolut's impressive lineup of premium flavored vodkas, there are better options. In short, reach for this bottle if you're going for the sugar. If you want a more authentic vodka taste, move along.

17. Absolut Lime

Like Absolut Citron, Absolut Lime is a tart, citrus take on standard vodka. Unfortunately, it reads a little bit one-note, lacking some of the additional heft of Citron and a lot less name recognition. Despite its narrow palate, Absolut Lime is a fine vodka, perfect for pouring into a tall highball glass full of ice and cola. You can also get creative making dessert cocktail renditions of key lime pie martinis.

Although it's fine straight, there's nothing earth-shattering about it. It doesn't bowl you over with sweetness, and there's nothing artificial, but you could still achieve the same effect with freshly squeezed lime and a shot or two of the original. If you love citrus and like to play with sweet and tangy drinks, pick up a bottle of Absolut Lime. On the other hand, if you're looking for a classic spirit to add to your bar, you're better off with the original or Absolut Citron.

16. Absolut Vanilia

Absolut Vanilia is a superior, sweet vodka that can occasionally tread into the too-sugary territory. Vanilla is a complex flavor to nail correctly, and while Absolut makes a valiant effort, the end result veers into artificial flavoring territory despite its lack of additional sugar (via Master of Malt). Drunk ice-cold and straight, Absolut Vanilia is a sophisticated after-dinner treat. Mixed into a cocktail, it can read overly sugary. For example, unless you have a serious sweet tooth, resist the urge to stir yourself up a Coca-Cola and Absolut Vanilia.

The mixed drinks where Absolut Vanilia does shine are generally desserts masquerading as cocktails, like robust chocolate martinis and fruity vanilla concoctions. Absolut Vanilia does a good job working with its ingredients, but it is by no means a purist's vodka. Also, the vanilla flavoring masks some of Absolut's stellar distilling and standard vodka taste, leaving it a bit muddled.

15. Absolut Raspberri

Absolut Raspberri is a bright, summery vodka that works well with fruity mixers or a splash of seltzer and a lime wedge. Although it's delicious and delivers big on the standard Absolut promise of a smooth, premium vodka taste without too much burn, it tends to skew a bit on the sweet side. The raspberry flavoring is relatively fresh, but we tasted a slight artificial undercurrent mingling with the just-picked berries. A vodka for purists, it is not.

Despite its shortcomings, Absolut Raspberri is the ultimate mixer, working well in a creamy chocolate martini or a new way to upgrade your screwdriver. It's also got a heavenly aroma with big berry notes and plenty of sweetness. Absolut Raspberri may not be the crown jewel of your vodka collection, but it's still nice to have around, especially when the mercury spikes and you need a cool, berrylicious treat to cool you off.

14. Absolut Apeach

Absolut Apeach skews slightly sugary, but there's still plenty to love about this delicate version of Absolut. First, the bottle is spectacular-looking, with dreamy swirls of light orange and peach. It's a stunning, abstract design that would look incredible on any home bar. It's also a fantastic utilitarian mixer, as long as you like sweeter drinks. Although Absolut Apeach might not work well in a negroni, it can make your standard seltzer sing. Garnish the glass with some lime or mint for an extra festive presentation.

Absolut Apeach works wonderfully in a high-octane version of a mimosa with a splash of orange juice and plenty of bubbly. Sink some raspberries into a rocks glass and top it off with Absolut Apeach, then enjoy the boozy berries and the raspberry/peach-infused vodka. Unfortunately, while Absolut Apeach brings fruity joy, it does lack a little chicness. The flavor is delicious, but perhaps slightly predictable.

13. Absolut Passionfruit

Tart, tangy, and tasty, Absolut Passionfruit is a heady spirit with a lot of delightful and delicate notes. You can expect to find passionfruit, of course, but you'll also discover spicy notes, a touch of zingy orange blossom (via Difford's Guide), and maybe a little vanilla thrown into the mix. Although Absolut Passionfruit is authentically juicy thanks to the abundance of tropical and citrus fruit flavors, it's also a bit dry, a pleasant surprise for the drinker who appreciates clean finishes.

Absolut Passionfruit is best on its own because you'll lose a bit of the nuance when you mix it into a cocktail, unless you're mixing it in for the sheer tart factor. It's not as versatile as some of the other Absolut offerings on our list, but it is uniquely pleasant and chic, with a fun and funky bottle that looks great on any home bar.

12. Absolut Pears

Pears may be an underrated fruit, but Absolut Pears does them divine and delicious justice with a low-key but complex vodka. According to Absolut's website, thousands of different types of pears exist. The company acknowledges that the spirit is off-beat, but also a welcome addition to the Absolut family — and a great mixer. Fruity or ginger seltzers are natural companions for Absolut Pears, but it also holds its own with tart and tangy fresh fruit juice. It mellows, rather than competes, with orange juice.

While some might find Absolut Pears a bit too nuanced to drink straight, we think there's a specific type of beauty to a vodka that whispers rather than shouts. It's refined over ice and some softer fruits, like cut-up peaches, nectarines, berries, and of course, pears. The only thing that puts this out-of-the-box flavor lower on our list is that you're slightly limited in your mixers, so it's not great for a minimalist bar.

11. Absolut Watermelon

Absolut Watermelon brings the sunshine in droves with each juicy, fruit-drenched sip. The watermelon does a phenomenal job of complementing the natural flavors of Absolut vodka, playing up its velvety smoothness with the muted, distinct sugar of natural watermelon. Although the bottle is a vivid pink color, the vodka itself is clear — which might be a little surprising at first, but it reflects Absolut's ethos of providing quality products with no additional gimmicks.

Absolut Watermelon works well on its own or stirred into a tall glass of Sprite with plenty of ice and a lime wedge. It's a perfect accomplice to lemonade, too, playing well off the tart citrus flavors with a bit of sugar and burn. You can also mix it with orange juice for a new spin on a screwdriver cocktail. Since watermelon tends to be a more neutral fruit, the flavor complements rather than dominates.

10. Absolut Kurant

With vivid notes of black pepper, vanilla, and violet, along with the sultry black currant, Absolut Kurant is a vivacious nod to summer, with just enough spice to keep things interesting. Of course, you could also enjoy it on ice during the short winter days, in front of a roaring fire. However, Absolut Kurant is a bit of an acquired taste. Don't expect too much sweetness from this vodka. Instead, you'll get small notes of vanilla mingling with rich, sophisticated currants and a twinge of herbaceous violet.

As such, Absolut Kurant isn't a very versatile mixer. It's a bottle you'll want in your home bar if you're a vodka connoisseur, or if you like sipping the good stuff straight. Utilitarian it's not — but it is a classic and expertly distilled nod to an often overlooked fruit. For an out-of-the-box drink that shines on its own, Absolut Kurant is it.

9. Absolut Peppar

According to Master of Malt, Absolut Peppar is the devilishly decadent ingredient you need in your next Bloody Mary. We tend to agree. As the name suggests, this vodka is full-on fire. Although you'll get plenty of spice from Absolut Peppar, the foundational vodka is still the same. The silkiness of premium Absolut lets the distillery play fast and loose with all sorts of chilis. You get a lot of burn, but only the good kind.

Absolut Peppar is excellent as part of bold, spicy cocktails, but it works well on its own, too. Crown your glass with a fat lime wedge and sprinkle in a few drops for a tart, spicy flavor combo that is a no-holds-barred party in a glass. You can also mix it with sweet drinks, but do so carefully. A little Absolut Peppar in mango seltzer is heaven, but a shot in a creamy dessert martini — maybe not so much.

8. Classic Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka's classic flagship product comes in cool, iconic packaging with bold, blue block letters. In addition to looking fab on your home bar, Absolut Vodka is a smooth, drinkable draught with an approachable soft, wheaty smell and taste. Thanks to its smoothness, you won't get that burning aftertaste — only a warm, lingering sensation on the end, making it a great sipping drink.

Absolut Vodka is also endlessly versatile, lending a little fiery heft to a classic vodka cranberry — or it's also delectable served straight up or on the rocks. According to Packaging News, Absolut Vodka's latest design iteration is a salute to the Tomorrowland festival and international artists, so picking up a limited edition with the new bottle design isn't a bad idea. Tasty, brilliantly sophisticated, practical, and utterly gimmick-free, we see Absolut Vodka's classic creation as a benchmark for other Absolut products and premium vodkas in general.

7. Absolut 100

The handsome Absolut 100 is a formidable spirit with a staggering 50% ABV (alcohol by volume). Although it's no slouch in the potency department, Absolut 100 is satiny and luxe, with minimal burn and virtually no aftertaste. If you love vodka and like bold, heavy-alcohol drinks, this is an excellent option. Plus, the bottle is simply sophisticated — jet-black with silver lettering. It's a fancy occasion drink, a wonderful gift, and a lovely spirit to sip ice-cold and neat.

Absolut 100 is also a good, if not dangerous, mixer. Thanks to the subtle fire on the back end, you'll know that you're drinking something potent, but the sweeter flavors of standard mixers could mask the actual alcohol itself. So enjoy Absolut 100 with a small caveat that a little certainly goes a long way. One surefire way to sip slowly but still appreciate the top-notch quality of this vodka is to add a small twist of lemon.

6. Absolut Cherrys

Bursting with stone-fruit flavor and a lot of sass, Absolut Cherrys pays suitable homage to the humble, ruby-colored fruit. It's great over ice because the coldness opens up the cherry flavor, giving you tons of sour and tart dimensions and that coveted nuanced sweetness. Absolut Cherrys hits the mark right from the beginning, with an intoxicating aroma reminiscent of spring, balancing headiness and delicacy for the ideal prelude to your sip.

Tart on the tongue and then smooth going down, Absolut Cherrys is a fire-free, satiny, grown-up vodka with a few plummy and cranberry notes thrown into the mix. Plus, Absolut Cherrys will elevate your mixed drinks. Stir a generous shot or two into a tall glass of Coca-Cola, and you'll have a Cherry Coke for the ages. It's good with lime-flavored sodas and seltzers, too. Swap classic vodka for Absolut Cherrys for a White Russian that's out of this world, and elevate the cherry factor with a few maraschinos nestled below the ice.

5. Absolut Apple

Absolut Apple is a tasty, fall-flavored fave that's been kicking around the Absolut lineup since its debut a decade ago. What's special about this flavor is that it doesn't go full-on apple. Instead, Absolut's distillers use a light hand and add in just a twinge of ginger to spice things up and balance out the flavors nicely. As a result, it's laid-back enough to stir into your hot apple cider and fiery enough to not fall into the overly sweet, hyper-fruity territory.

In the hands of a lesser distillery, this vodka might be too heavy on the apples or too light for the casual drinker to even notice them. As is, it's an underrated and truly tasty star. Enjoy it straight or mixed with a touch of cinnamon liquor for additional warmth. You can also blend Absolut Apple with ginger ale, hot apple cider, or a caramel martini if you want to get fancy.

4. Absolut Grapefruit

Absolut Grapefruit is a gorgeous blend with tart grapefruit flavors, a dash of pepper, and a bone-dry finish with no sugary aftertaste. If you're craving a fruit-centric vodka that doesn't scream "sugar," this blend is for you. It's also nearly as ubiquitous as Absolut Citron, thanks to the powerful punch of authentic grapefruit flavor and the masterful finish. It's not a bad idea to have a bottle of Absolut Grapefruit in your bar and use it interchangeably with Citron.

Thanks to the spice, Absolut Grapefruit avoids a one-note situation, something that is the bane of lesser flavors like Absolut Lime. It also has a tiny bit of natural sugar, so you can drink it straight or with a touch of lime or orange. It's zesty, full-flavored, and comes in a beautiful frosted glass, in a pink-lettered bottle that can transport you straight to an idyllic tropical beach from the first taste.

3. Absolut Citron

According to Absolut's website, Absolut Citron is the most popular vodka in the boozy pantheon of flavored and traditional spirits, and it's really no wonder. Absolut Citron is punchy and bright all on its own, and it lends a super-sunny dimension to mixed drinks. In addition, it's versatile, yummy, and has a tried-and-true flavor profile. It's also one of the key ingredients in "Sex and the City's" signature cocktail, the Cosmopolitan (via Absolut's website).

If you feel like tapping into your inner Carrie or Samantha, you can always stir up a top-notch retro Cosmopolitan at home with a big shot of Absolut Citron. Of course, you can enjoy this fruity fave on ice or whiskey rocks, so none of the flavors get diluted. As with all Absolut vodkas, Citron finishes pure and clean, with relatively little burn and a whole lot of glorious citrus tang that blends perfectly into the next sip.

2. Absolut Elyx

Although classic Absolut Vodka is a silky drink, Absolut Elyx takes things to a dazzling new level. The vodka is velvety, round, and totally impurity-free. According to Absolut's website, Elyx is manually distilled in an antique, pure copper still for the ultimate high-end taste. As a result, it's got an unadulterated, warm vodka flavor that's not jarring or harsh, with just a twinge of tropical fruit on the end. You'll pick up notes of pineapple and mango, but each is subtle and never cloying or artificial (per reviews on Master of Malt).

The bottle design boasts geometric gold and black lines and a handsome label. Although Absolut Elyx would play perfectly with a Bond-worthy vodka martini, this spirit is tremendous all on its own, served neat or on the rocks. So if you love vodka and are looking for a festive, luxe bottle for a special occasion or swanky soiree, reach for Absolut Elyx.

1. Absolut Extrakt

Absolut Extrakt is a decidedly bold diversion from the usual Absolut flavors, and it's a gamble well taken. Instead of fruit, Absolut Extrakt leans hard into the spice, with robust cardamom laced throughout every sip. As a result, it's a sophisticated, versatile, lovely blend with flavors that simultaneously manage to be unexpected and straightforward. According to Toast Magazine, Absolut Extrakt is spicy and complex, while still retaining that smooth, satiny feel found in Absolut classic vodka.

Although there's no fruit in the vodka, per se, there is a touch of fruitiness at the end, plus pepper and additional warm spices. It's a full-bodied, round, luscious vodka that works well with everything from a Bloody Mary to humble seltzer water. If you're going to drink it straight, consider pouring yourself a generous glass of ice-cold Absolut Extrakt neat or using whiskey rocks to keep it cold without diluting one drop.