Sonic Just Brought Back An Exciting Drink Offering For The Summer

This summer is a scorcher, with temperatures reaching record highs throughout the U.S (per NBC News). Some would argue that nothing beats the sweltering heat better than cooling down with a delicious iced Sonic slushie. Of course, 7-Eleven serves up its signature Slurpees year round and Chick-fil-A does release its popular peach milkshake just in time for summer. But, of all the fast food chain's frozen drinks, it's Sonic Drive-In that tops the list for best slushies.

If you've never ordered a Sonic slushie before, it's quite an undertaking. Sonic offers a ton of flavors and customizations. According to its website, customers can create 168,894 drink combinations. Sonic has tons of fruit-flavored slushies, including ones made from real fruit, fruit juice, and Powerade. Sonic also gives customers the option to add different candies to their drinks, like its newly released Sour Patch Kids slush float.

Sonic is keeping the summer fun going with the release of its green apple bursting bubbles. The bubbles, per Chew boom, are featured in two drinks – the Blue Burst Slush and Cherry Burst Slush.

Bursting bubbles will only be available through September 25

According to Chew boom, Sonic app users will have exclusive early access to the bursting bubbles, beginning July 25. The drink will go national on August 1. Per Eater, a bursting bubble is a tapioca pearl, aka boba. Boba pearls originated in Taiwan, but have become increasingly popular in the United States.

The cherry burst is made by combining Sprite with cherry flavor. The green bubbles are added and it's topped with a maraschino cherry. The blue burst is made the same way, except using blue raspberry flavor instead of cherry. The bursting bubbles are meant to provide a fun "burst" when customers sip the drinks. It might remind you a bit of Pop Rocks. If you're not a fan of blue raspberry or cherry, don't worry! The bursting bubbles can be added to any of Sonic's cold beverages.

These new drinks might help make the heat of summer slightly more tolerable. At least your mouth will stay cool with these bubbly drinks from Sonic.