Enlightened Wants To Replace The Choco Taco-Shaped Hole In Fans' Hearts

The internet blew up the day Klondike announced it would be discontinuing the Choco Taco. The beloved ice cream version of a taco was way ahead of its time, combining a thin taco shell-shaped waffle cone with ice cream, and lightly coated with chocolate and nuts. Fans reacted with about as much cool as melted ice cream, calling for the company's decision to be reversed or the rights sold to another company to continue producing the frozen treat.

Even celebrities such as Andrew Zimmern, weighed in on the Choco Taco's demise and asked for Klondike to take something else out of its repertoire. But instead of mourn its loss with the rest of the population, other companies decided to capitalize on the news. IHOP already has a pancake version of the Choco Taco with a pancake "shell," and Salt and Straw created a version of the chocolate taco as well, mimicking all the best attributes of the nostalgic treat.

Now, Enlightened ice cream lovers can rejoice, as the company known for its better-for-you options is coming out with a version, too.

Let's taco-bout Enlightened's new flavor

According to a July Instagram post, Enlightened is working on a new flavor to fill the void following the news of the Choco Taco's exit from the freezer aisle. "We don't want to know what a world without Choco Tacos is like ... so we may or may not be working on something new," the company wrote. 

Enlightened takes it a step further on its website, saying, "Our team is working their magic to fill the taco-shaped hole in your heart." Fans can sign up online to learn out when the limited-edition ice cream taco flavor will be released.

Fans reacted the way one would expect, with buzz not only about the revamp itself but also because it comes in Enlightened's signature "good-for-you" style. Many commenters said they plan to indulge in the new flavor, while another praised the incoming ice cream for being "a light at the end of the tunnel" of Choco Taco's departure. It may not be exactly the same, but fans seem confident the brand will nail the execution of this anticipated launch.