The Costco Snack That's Misleading Redditors

Costco shoppers are all about getting those exclusive warehouse prices and stretching their wallets as much as they can to utilize the exclusive membership that grants them entry to any of the 572 locations across the United States. While a Costco membership has perks like the one-of-a-kind return policy that boggled minds on TikTok and the option to buy a hot dog and drink combo for $1.50, most people who shop at Costco do it for the bulk food buys, and that includes snacks.

Claiming everybody loves a deal, Senior Vice President of Finacial Planning Bob Nelson told CNBC, "value is the driving force behind Costco's sales strategy." This statement appears to be true given the fact that countless Costco shoppers leave the store weekly with 30-count bags of chips in their carts.

It's not all cheap hotdogs and free samples, though, as some Costco shoppers have issues with packaging, whether its too much plastic used for a new cheese-and-cracker combo snack or large plastic containers for its fan-favorite macaroni and cheese, Costco admits it has work to do when it comes to its packaging standards. Yet there is one snack that's confusing social media users and it may not be the fault of the popular warehouse conglomerate.

Costco snack boxes seem to lack variety

Recently one Costco shopper uploaded a photo on Reddit of a Frito Lay Baked variety box of chips stating they received mostly Cheeto bags and only six of the other flavors shown on the box. While some Redditors joked about Cheetos being the best flavor, some sympathized with the poster having experienced similar outcomes with the variety boxes.

This isn't the first time Costco shoppers have had issues with the mixed boxes either. Four months ago, another Reddit user complained about the Sun Chips variety box, claiming their box had "17 bags of original" in one 30-count box and stating, "Frito Lay really dropped the ball on this one."

While there's one food item you can't return at Costco, some Redditors on the recent post suggest going straight back to the store for a refund since chips are fair game. One commenter suggested members make official complaints to Costco customer service so the corporation can deal directly with Frito Lay.

Speaking of Frito Lay, according to the company's website, they have made it clear in an official statement regarding variety packs that flavors may vary inside mixed boxes. The statement also suggests calling Frito Lay's customer relations team for replacement bags or questions with its hours of operation and phone number listed on the website. Now more than ever, when it comes to Costco's variety packs, what flavors you get are truly a mixed bag.