Here's How To Get A Free Mango Whip Freeze From Taco Bell This Week

Do you love getting things for free? Do you love refreshing summer treats? Do you love Taco Bell? If you answered "YES" to at least one of these then keep reading — this message is for you. 

With a lifelong history of promotions and deals, customers always seem to find ways to get the biggest bang for their buck at Taco Bell. Those who frequently "make a run for the border" might recognize that the fast food chain keeps the menu fresh and exciting with its rotating selection of items. From limited-edition novelties to glammed-up versions of classic items like Strawberry Bell Truffles and Nacho Fries, Taco Bell seems to enjoy keeping its patrons on their toes.

As Taco Bell frequenters know, one of its newest summer releases, the Mango Whip Freeze, is taking the United States by storm. Incidentally, across the country, the National Weather Service has issued "excessive heat warnings and heat advisories" (via USA Today). Through a partnership with GrubHub, Taco Bell is now offering a deal that's meant to offer its overheated customers some sweet relief.

You can get a free Mango Whip Freeze with a qualifying purchase

Introduced in June, the Mango Whip Freeze blends the Mango Freeze, a frosty mango-flavored drink, with sweet vanilla cream to make a smooth and cooling summer refreshment. An instant Taco Bell hit, the company decided to spread the love by giving the Mango Whip Freeze away in response to stifling summer temperatures. Per an announcement obtained by Mashed, if you want a free taste of the limited-edition treat, you can place your normal Taco Bell order on GrubHub and add the Mango Whip Freeze to your cart. As long as your order meets the $15 minimum requirement, the extra cost for the beverage will automatically be waived — no discount code required. And if just one free Mango Whip Freeze doesn't cut it for you, you can keep adding it to your order for free once per day. 

This deal is only available from August 6-14, so if you want in on this sweet heat wave escape, you may want to act fast. If you want to take advantage of that sweet fruit flavor while there's still summer left, you can try this fresh mango salsa recipe that's sure to be a hit at the beach!