Nina Dobrev And Julianne Hough Disclose Their Favorite Variety From Fresh Vine Wine - Exclusive

If you could pick any wine to be your favorite, which kind would it be? Seeing as it feels like the whole internet is vacationing in Europe right now, you might be thinking of Italy's Chardonnay or France's Merlot — although Aperol spritzes are sure taking the world by storm this summer. No matter your drink of choice, there are two celebrities that are particularly known to wind (or wine) down with a glass and some gossip.

Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough, famous for their many acting accolades, co-founded a fan-favorite brand that you can order right to your doorstep. Fresh Vine Wine brings a new offering to shelves that caters to a healthier lifestyle. The company hits the trifecta as it features low calorie, low carb, and low refined sugar wines.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Dobrev and Hough did a deep dive into the success of Fresh Vine Wine while revealing their favorite of the six varieties offered. Although the white and red wine debate will always hover in the air, it is possible to love both flavors — Julianne and Nina sure do!

The new Sauvignon Blanc offering is taking over their taste buds

When asked which wine is their favorite from the Fresh Vine Wine collection thus far, Nina Dobrev expressed her sudden answer change as a new varietal just hit the market. As "The Vampire Diaries" actress said, "The Cabernet has been my favorite consistently, but ever since we made the Sauvignon Blanc, I'm obsessed with it." She explained, "It's so light and it's got a golden straw color and it's got the key lime with the fresh melon and the citrus blossoms."

Dobrev is not the only one to have a new favorite, as Julianne Hough responded, "In the past, the Pinot was always my go-to. I love all of them, but the Pinot was always a go-to because it's something that I can have with anything." But Hough mentioned that now that Sauvignon Blanc is out, the Pinot may have taken a back seat. She continued, "It doesn't necessarily have to be red. It can be white." 

Dobrev described Fresh Vine Wine's new Sauvignon Blanc as "delicious and guilt free at the same time" with only 98 calories per five-ounce glass. She also claims it is hangover-free (sold!). The brand's current portfolio consists of the recent Sauvignon Blanc, a limited reserve Napa Cabernet, Rosé, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. According to a press release sent to Mashed, there is also a Brut Rosé sparkling wine on the way, which is sure to have Rosé fans excited for wine Wednesdays. This is your sign to try the flavors out for yourself — who knows? Your favorites may even be the same as Nina's and Julianne's.

Head to Fresh Vine Wine's website or Instagram page to learn more about the new Sauvignon Blanc variety and other premium wine offerings.