Kevin Hart Grilled Saweetie On Her Bizarre Food Habits

If you're not up to date on current popular music you might be unaware of the music artist Saweetie. However, if you consider yourself a foodie it's likely you have come across one or two of the pop star's unique food combinations.

Saweetie's music career took off in 2017 with her hit single "ICY GRL" (via AllMusic), but what continues to add to her popularity is her love for food and the creative ways she pairs her favorites on social media. The internet created a buzz around Saweetie's one-of-a-kind ramen concoction and the popular rapper has a reputation for posting her favorite flavor pairings on TikTok, like oysters with BBQ sauce. She even created a stir on Twitter by applying ranch dressing to spaghetti!

Truthfully, Saweetie's food sharing has been quite lucrative for the musical artist. In 2021, the pop star's love for McDonald's on Instagram earned her a place on the limited-time fast food menu with the Saweetie Meal. A month later, her viral ranch video led to Saweetie's collaboration with Hidden Valley Ranch and Crocs. With all the hype around her food choices, when actor and comedian Kevin Hart sat down with the star he grilled her about the bizarre food pairings (via YouTube).

Saweetie's 'stomach of steel'

In a recent episode of Kevin Hart's "Hart to Heart" series on Peacock TV, the comedian sat down to chat with Saweetie (via YouTube). Apart from talking extensively about her music career, Hart took the time to ask what foodies have been wondering all along: Why the bizarre food combinations? While the pop star didn't hold back her laughter as the comedian deemed her "greedy" when it comes to food, she described her childhood with multiple aunts, uncles, and cousins and how usually, there was never a lot of food.

According to Saweetie, her love for food led her to "figure it out" when it came to making do with what she had. In classic Hart fashion, he then asks, "You gotta have crazy gas eating some of this stuff right?" While it was a funny moment in the show, Saweetie didn't skip a beat by responding, "I got a stomach of steel."

The duo also chatted about her collaboration and success with McDonald's. While some McDonald's fans found the Saweetie meal concerning for various reasons, the publicity worked well for the pop star. She admitted her willingness to use social media has allotted her some amazing opportunities. Apart from her most recent collab with crocs in late June (via Instagram), the future is Saweetie's oyster as long as the pop star keeps sharing her truth on social media.