Lay's Has Twitter Excited About Its Latest Flavor Swaps

When you think of snacks, a bright bag of potato chips carrying the iconic red and white colored logo with the word "Lay's" on it is probably one of the first things to come to mind. Not only is Lay's pretty much synonymous with potato chips as a whole, but the crisp snack does rank high when pit against all other chips, coming second to only Doritos in popularity.

But even a chip as popular as Lay's likes to experiment with flavors to keep its fans wanting more. Whether it's the line of flavors that have the internet buzzing like those taking inspiration from dinner dishes (hello deep dish pizza and lobster rolls) or the Flamin' Hot flavor that was resurrected a few months ago, the famous potato chip brand is not averse to moving beyond its classic sour cream & onion, barbecue, and salted flavors.

To take things in the snack department up a notch, the parent company PepsiCo put several popular snacks under its Frito-Lay division onto the table, switched up its flavors, and sent fans into a whirlwind with a new line of Lay's chips last year (via PR Newswire). Called the Flavor Swap, Lay's launched three new chips that introduced flavors of three other snacks into its potato chips. While the original Flavor Swap line was only available for a limited time, according to whispers on the internet, the entire line is back and there's a brand new flavor on it this year.

Chili Cheese Fritos meet Lay's in a spicy new snack

According to PR Newswire, Lay's is bringing back its original Flavor Swap chips which include the cool ranch flavor from Doritos, the onion flavor from Funyuns, and the Cheetos cheese chips. Also joining the returning flavors this year, however, is the iconic Fritos chili cheese flavor in an all-new and crunchy Lay's potato chip form.

While news of the new kettle-cooked Fritos-inspired Lay's chip has Twitter in an uproar, fans are also excited to see the flavors from last year back on the shelves. "And who came up with this amazing idea?! Hands down best move for a food company this year," wrote a fan who applauded Frito-Lay's brilliant move to combine the flavors of popular snacks with the shape and the texture of the iconic Lay's chip.

Fans also seem to be battling about which one of the Flavor Swap chips tastes the best, as one comment said, "Cheetos & Chips it's as if you've asked me, 'How does it sound if we mix two of your favorite snacks together?' It sounds deliciousssssssss!" Another confused fan wondered how they'd ever choose between the Doritos cool ranch flavored Lay's and the Funyuns one.

As for those wanting to try all the flavors including the brand new Fritos one for themselves, the Lay's Flavor Swap chips launched on August 8 and are already available at retailers across the country. Available in different sizes for $4.59 and $2.29, the Flavor Swap chips will only be available for a limited time.