The Sneaky Change Reddit Thinks Starbucks Made To Its Cake Pops

If you're a Reddit user and a Starbucks fan, the Starbucks subreddit has an endless scroll of content to offer. Most recently, Reddit users just spotted a Pumpkin Spice Latte announcement and return date, and baristas often share what it's like working in stores. For example, Starbucks employees on Reddit once talked about some of their favorite mistakes customers have made.

Reddit has issues with the inconsistencies of Starbucks' shaken espressos, and it looks like there's another item on the menu that tends to vary. In the Starbucks subreddit, u/Winter_Astronomer_51 posted a photo of Starbucks' pink cake pop with the caption, "why are our birthday cake pops so much darker now?" While these sweet treats usually come in a pale pink, the Reddit user points out that this looks more magenta.

For newer Starbucks fans, this can even get a little confusing. One person commented about how this color is misleading Starbucks customers about the flavor saying, "Now customers are going to think they're actually strawberry." According to the company's website, this cake pop is flavored like that of a birthday cake and covered in "pink chocolatey icing," so don't be fooled!

An inconsistent cake pop color confuses Redditors

Have you seen dark pink cake pops like this at your local Starbucks? The comments section of this Reddit post has multiple people saying that the cake pops vary in color. For example, a Redditor said, "They were a decent pink for a while .. then extremely pale.. now neon bismuth.... Consistency isn't our suppliers' strong suit." Even in the same store, you might get two different shades of pink cake pops. Another Starbucks worker said, "I literally hold up packs to show coworkers the difference every day because it still baffles me how random the batches differences can be." One pserson suggested that it could be do to adding too much food dye, and another stated they actually could taste the extra food coloring in the pop.

If the color of this dessert looks a bit medicinal, you're not the only person thinking this. The most upvoted comment on this Reddit post simply says, "pepto bismol pop," and one person responded with, "I've been calling them pepto pops since we opened that box."

There was one self-proclaimed Starbucks barista that shared "One of my shifts told me that they're testing it out for the owl cake pops. She could be right, idk."

Whatever the reason, if you can't stand the recent inconsistency of Starbucks' pink cake pop, try our recipe for copycat Starbucks cake pops and make them whatever color you like.