Why Reddit Is Impressed By An Aldi Shopper's Specialty Meat Haul

Let's be real and admit that the record-high inflation rate this summer has taken a toll on everyone's grocery budget. Saving money and getting the best value for your food is crucial in 2022 so it makes sense to see people turning to cost-saving grocer Aldi to get the most out of those hard-earned dollars.

According to Insider, in a recent analysis comparing the price-effective supermarket to Walmart, Aldi came out ahead in not only fruits, vegetables, and eggs but showed remarkably more affordable meat products, with shoppers saving close to 60 cents per pound on specific varieties.

With all this extra money being saved, it's no surprise Aldi followers have been turning more to social media to dish over relatable shopping experiences and favorite products. While there may be worry over meatballs and the occasional rant about an "inedible" potato salad, more often than not, Aldi shoppers are sharing their easy sweet snack ideas and laughing over posts that mirror the unique Aldi shopping experience.

A few months ago, one Redditor posted their latest favorite from the affordable grocer which caught the attention of some dedicated Aldi fans.

The Reddit buzz regarding Aldi's Wagyu beef patties

Recently, one Redditor posted on the r/Aldi subreddit regarding their experience with Aldi's Specialty Select Wagyu beef patties. In the post, the user claims they had a "melt in your mouth" consistency and recommended them with a rating of "10/10." Not only that but in the comment section, the Redditor confirmed that they found the pack of four patties in the fresh meat section for only $6.99.

Pure Wagyu Beef originated in Japan and is typically more expensive and sought after than regular beef for its unique marbling and high fat content. According to Food & Wine, the Wagyu beef that is sold in most U.S. grocery locations is usually a mix of Wagyu and Angus breeds.

While Wagyu beef sold in U.S. stores is not 100% pure, beef eaters can definitely tell a difference in taste and texture and the price is fairly reasonable. Last year, in one Aldi community recipe group on Facebook, one user posted about Wagyu one-pound beef packages from Aldi, and they were priced at under $5.00 each. There are definitely some cult favorites at the affordably priced grocer, and for Redditors, there is comfort in knowing that there are also great deals on high-quality meat items.