The TikTok Ice Cream Gordon Ramsay Is Calling 'Diarrhea'

Over the past few years, companies have been getting creative with their ice cream flavors and have even gone over into the savory realm, like Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams' controversial Everything Bagel flavor. Recently, Salt & Straw announced another unexpected ingredient in ice cream: fried chicken. But the ice cream that got Gordon Ramsay's attention recently didn't come from a major brand – it appeared on TikTok. And Ramsay has strong thoughts about it.

The "Hell's Kitchen" star made a duet where he reacts to a TikTok of making ice cream with a snack that's savory and crunchy instead of sweet and creamy. The original video starts with a person pouring a bag of chips into a bowl, then adding cream and mashing it all together. Ramsay tells the person "stop it," but the video keeps going until there's chip-based ice cream. As you might expect from Ramsay, throughout the video, Ramsay keeps yelling "no" and says to "throw it out." In the end, he calls this creation "Dorito diarrhea," which certainly got a laugh from his audience.

What is TikTok saying about this Doritos ice cream?

In case you were wondering, they were Cool Ranch Doritos. If you are appalled by the words "Doritos ice cream," it's not just you and Gordon Ramsay who feel that way. In the comments on Ramsay's TikTok, plenty of people agreed with him. One person wrote that this looked like a "carton of tummy ache" while someone else said that this idea "ruined a perfectly well seasoned bag of cool ranch Doritos." While many people were criticizing the ice cream or agreeing with Ramsay, one person also teased Ramsay. User apleglow wrote, "Bold words for a man who can't cook grilled cheese," presumably referring to the time Ramsay got roasted on TikTok for his grilled cheese recipe.

The original Cool Ranch Doritos ice cream video was posted by @craftwytch, and the responses to it aren't much better. The top comment gets straight to the point and says, "apology right now." Another person asked, "Is this a late April fools joke?" Still, a couple of people seemed to want to try this ice cream flavor. One person explained, "wont even lie, i'd eat that. i always eat ice cream with my doritos." This is certainly a surprising flavor for some. But if you want to whip up another kind of ice cream that will really grab people's attention, you can try our recipe for Kraft Mac & Cheese ice cream.