Mashed's Exclusive Survey Reveals The Best Type Of Mustard

If you're a condiment lover, you've probably tried your fair share of mustards. You may be surprised to learn, however, that mustard hasn't always been a just condiment and has actually been used for medicinal purposes. But now, you'll usually see yellow mustard sitting next to ketchup for hot dogs and hamburgers or some spicy brown mustard accompanying a pastrami sandwich.

We think that you should always stock some dijon mustard in your pantry because of its versatility in sauces and marinades, but mustard lovers probably have a few types of mustard on hand. Lately, there's even been some unexpected mustard flavors hitting the market, like French's Sweetwood and Honey Chipotle.

Though there's a wide range of mustard options in every grocery store, there are a few more common types. We wanted to know what people thought was the best type of mustard, and we polled 599 particpants to find out. Respondents were given five options of mustard to choose from as the best; yellow, dijon, honey, spicy brown, and whole grain. Here's which mustard came out on top.

The people love honey mustard the best

Based on Mashed's poll, the preferred type of mustard is honey mustard. This isn't too surprising since honey mustard has a touch of tangy sweetness, and you can eat it in a variety of ways. Whether you want to dip pretzels straight into honey mustard or make a one-pan honey mustard chicken and veggie bake, it's a great way to bring new flavors to your dish. You can even pair honey mustard with cheese.

Out of 599 responses, 177 people said that honey mustard was their favorite, which put it in the lead with 29.55% of the votes. Yellow mustard was close behind with 27.71% of respondents saying this was their fave. Following yellow mustard was dijon mustard, with 20.20% of people favoring the zesty spread. Spicy brown mustard got 18.20% of the votes, and then there was a significant drop for the mustard in last place, which was whole grain mustard. Only 4.34% of people said that whole grain was their preferred mustard of choice.

Was your favorite type of mustard included in this poll? If you're a mustard lover, you'll want to try these 17 types of mustard, which all have different uses.