Snyder's Of Hanover Just Dropped The Perfect Fall Pretzel Treat

With fall being just around the corner, big food brands and chains are releasing their autumn lineups and dropping new products. We've also rounded up our own list of best fall recipes that you need to try, and classic dishes like chicken noodle soup and slow cooker apples will keep you warm and cozy all season long. Of course, pumpkin spice is one of fall's most common flavors, and brands often make pumpkin the center of seasonal lines. For example, Target's new fall snacks feature plenty of pumpkin, from granola to cookies. But if you're over the hype around that orange gourd and prefer salty snacks over sweet ones, Snyder's of Hanover's latest pretzel treat might be for you.

In the press email sent to Mashed, the company explains that this pretzel item is specifically for Oktoberfest. Last year, Snyder's released a pretzel-infused beer for this celebratory German festival, but this time around, the brand is focusing on snacks and bringing out Snyderfest Beer Cheese Pretzel Pieces.

Here's what to expect from Snyder's Beer Cheese Pretzel Pieces

You might usually be enjoying beer cheese with soft pretzels or bread, but these new Snyderfest Beer Cheese Pretzel Pieces will cut out some of the mess and combine two Oktoberfest staples into one bite. According to the PR email, these pretzels are even made with hops, and there's beer cheese flavoring in each pretzel bite. Wondering where to purchase these pretzel snacks? Snyderfest Beer Cheese Pretzel Pieces will be available at major stores like Target, Walmart, and Kroger in 10 ounce bags, and as you could guess from the pretzels being marketed around Oktoberfest, this is a limited-edition item.

Although Oktoberfest is still a few weeks away, The Impulsive Buy has already spotted Snyderfest Beer Cheese Pretzel Pieces in stores. In the comments section of the post, one person said, "I love their pretzel pieces and I love beer I hope this is as amazing as it sounds!" It looks like there's some enthusiasm for these pretzel bites, so will you be adding them to your Oktoberfest menu?

For those who are looking for more creations featuring pretzels and beer, Auntie Anne's launched its own pretzel beer last month in collaboration with Evil Genius Beer Company.