Aldi's Controversial Pumpkin Spice Item Just Made It Back To Shelves

German grocery store Aldi is known for its low prices and the value of its products (via Reader's Digest). While the majority of items they sell are tasty store-brand versions of popular companies, sometimes those items are just as good while others miss the mark. 

Last year, the budget-friendly store decided to get in on the pumpkin flavor craze by releasing a store-brand pumpkin creamer with almond milk. Sadly, the release was met with mixed reviews online (via Reddit). Some shoppers complained about the taste while others focused on its tendency to curdle. The pumpkin creamer wasn't the first time that a product had shoppers divided — an eco-friendly cookie from Aldi left some customers let down and underwhelmed. And then there was the case of Aldi's color-changing meatballs that alarmed users on Reddit.

Now, one controversial seasonal item has made a triumphant return and fans are making their opinion known loud and clear.

Not all pumpkin is created equal

The late singer Aaliyah once opined, "If at first, you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again" (via YouTube). This may be the mindset that grocery giant Aldi took when reintroducing its pumpkin almond creamer that had Aldi shoppers divided last year. In the comment section of a recent Instagram post advising of the item's return to shelves, fans are once again divided in their reaction. The original poster, @aldifavoritefinds, wrote, "I just got home from ALDI and look what seasonal item I found! This one is almond milk ... This bottle was $4.55."

One user commented, "I tried it last year; it's pretty bad." Another user advised, "I tried this yesterday, and ... it tastes more like red cinnamon candy and not pumpkin spice. It's going back to the store!" Some users even attacked the $4.55 price tag. One follower commented, "Too expensive, can get the coffee mate pumpkin spice for less on sale." In fairness, the originator of the post did clarify that the size of the bottles is larger than the regular-size almond creamers sold at the store. Despite the negative comments, some users welcomed the return with open arms. One user stated, "Yess! Going to my store rn!!" Another praised the taste saying, "Yummy. Yes, please."

If you're a fan of pumpkin cream and Aldi, all hope is not lost. Fans of the grocer advised that their Barissimmo Coffee Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer was a tastier option.