Keith Kamikawa

Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Area Technical College
Recipe Development, Culinary, Photography (ffod And Others), 3D/2D Animation & Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling
  • Keith was a chef for over 16 years in the culinary industry and worked at his family-owned artisan bread bakery as a baker.
  • Keith has been a professional professional photographer for more than five years, focusing on food service and other industries.
  • Keith's clients have ranged from The Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism to Subaru to STIHL and Sony Music.


Keith has spent over a decade in the culinary field, learning from many excellent chefs about food from around the world. Baking bread at his parents' bakery added another element to his culinary knowledge. Being a professional photographer has allowed him to marry that skill and his culinary skills into being a recipe developer. Years of recipe creation based on nutrition, current trends, and a variety of venues and atmospheres prepared him for his unique opportunity with Mashed.


Keith graduated with a degree in animation. While it has little to do with writing, recipe creation, or photography, it is an art. Like all art, it can translate into other mediums, which he takes advantage of.
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