• Rye swirl sandwich with sauerkraut, meat, and cheese

    12 Superb Sauerkraut Recipes

    There's no reason to relegate sauerkraut to the sidelines. These recipes will show you just how superb sauerkraut can be, from sandwiches to pizzas.
  • German apple pancake on plate

    German Apple Pancake Recipe

    This delicious German apple pancake is perfect for any occasion, whether it's for a lazy Saturday morning breakfast or for a bridal shower brunch.
  • Chicken schnitzel on white plate

    Easy Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

    With this easy chicken schnitzel recipe, you simply can't beat its fresh flavor, as well as the joy of biting into chicken that is still warm and crunchy.
  • kugel on a plate

    Easy Apple Kugel Recipe

    If you haven't yet tried kugel, then let us introduce you to one of the tastiest and most unique dishes that you will ever have the pleasure of enjoying.
  • Powdered Kaiserscharrn single serving

    Easy Kaiserschmarrn Recipe

    The name might be difficult to say, but don't let this Kaiserschmarrn recipe fool you! It's ready in under 20 minutes, and easy enough for even beginner chefs!
  • German bierocks finished on plate, cut open, with napkin

    Authentic German Bierocks Recipe

    This authentic German bierocks recipe is related to the Russian version of pierogi. These hearty buns are filled with protein-rich ground beef and cabbage.
  • fresh peach Kuchen bar

    Fresh Peach Kuchen Bars Recipe

    A pound of fresh peaches give this fresh peach Kuchen bars recipe such a sweet and decadent taste that you may find yourself sneaking a second bar or even more.
  • homemade spaetzle

    Homemade Spaetzle Recipe

    Homemade spaetzle is a short noodle with a wavy shape. The noodles come from southwestern Germany and are served throughout the country.
  • corned beef hash

    Corned Beef Hash Recipe

    This corned beef hash with egg and baked beans will soon be a breakfast or brunch classic in your kitchen. Serve with warm rolls and bacon and enjoy.
  • German potato salad recipe on display

    German Potato Salad Recipe

    This warm potato salad is best served as a side dish. It'll knock your friends' socks off at a barbecue, but it's even better served warm at home.