Reddit Has Some Concerns About Cicis Giant New Pizza For $65

There are a lot of people who love pizza, but do you love pizza enough to eat one that's over 8 feet long? The largest pizza in the United States comes from Moontower Pizza Bar in Texas, and it's ordered once a week and can even be delivered. But if you're not in Texas, there's a chain that's offering another enormous pizza for purchase.

On the chain's website, CiCis offers giant pizzas as part of the menu. According to Chew Boom, the latest addition is a 28-inch pie, called the Piezilla. In 2021, CiCis launched a massive pizza with pepperoni that came out to 16 inches for $13.99, while the Piezilla retails at $65. Chew Boom reports that this is the biggest pizza that CiCis has sold and it comes with one topping, although more can be added for $6 per topping.

Although a pizza this big could be a dream come true for some people, there are some doubts circulating online. If you're wondering why someone would buy this giant pizza, you're not alone.

Here's what Reddit has to say about Cicis Piezilla

Following the announcement of CiCis' massive 28-inch-long pizza, people on Reddit were quick to question if this was even a good deal and whether anyone should rush over to tackle the Piezilla. First, there were concerns about the quality of the pizza (which is the reason Cicis is so cheap). Although pizza is generally a beloved food, one person wrote, "There's no such thing as truly bad pizza, unless it's Cicis."

Plus, Cicis is known for its pizza buffet, which another person pointed out that instead of ordering the giant pizza, "you can eat the same amount of pizza by dining in with an $8 buffet." The price tag left another person outraged, saying, "Only one topping for a $65 pizza? And they won't deliver it?" Besides questioning the quality and price, people were also speculating about why Cicis would offer this menu item. Multiple commenters said that the only point to this pizza was a business meeting or gathering — or to eat as a YouTube or TikTok challenge.

Instead of spending $60 on a massive one-topping pie, you can always make delicious homemade pizza in your own kitchen. Start with this easy margherita pizza recipe, or master this pizza sauce recipe to impress your friends and family.