Dolly Parton Spilled The Tea On Her Ultimate Birthday Cake

Let's be honest. What's not to adore about Dolly Parton? The multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, actress, author, philanthropist, businesswoman, and all-around icon has paved the way for artists throughout her decades-long career. Over the years, she has also contributed a number of her favorite soul-warming, belly-filling recipes with the world, including her bacon dripping-infused cornbread, her famous potato casserole, her mac and cheese served with a side of fried apples, and her chicken and dumplings, just to name a few.

Dolly is clearly keen on the culinary arts, especially when it comes to Southern-inspired treats. Parton even partnered with Duncan Hines to create a variety of boxed cake mixes, brownie mixes, frostings, and other delicious goodies designed for home bakers of all skill sets. Perhaps her love for desserts explains her mega-sweet nature and charming personality! And speaking of cakes, Dolly certainly is not shy when it comes to spreading the word about what she enjoys whipping up in her kitchen.

Dolly Parton loves to bake her mama's fudgy chocolate birthday cake

Regardless of whether or not it's your birthday, cake is always a good choice. After all, pretty much any occasion that involves a rich, flavorful cake counts as an automatic celebration. Birthday cake, as it just so turns out, is among Dolly Parton's acclaimed specialties. But not just any ol' cake will do, if you ask Dolly. And if you've ever wondered what type of birthday cake Dolly Parton constructs to further showcase her talents, you're in luck. It's as classic, sweet, decadent, and universally loved as Dolly herself.

Dolly Parton recently sat down with Taste of Home to dish about her ideal birthday cake, and unsurprisingly, it's simple yet oh-so-satisfying. The bleach blonde songbird's go-to b-day indulgence calls for lots and lots of chocolate. "My ideal birthday cake would probably be a big ol' chocolate cake with thick icing like my mama used to make for all us kids," she shares. Dolly also told Southern Living that this tradition began when she and her 11 siblings were young, as their mother would do everything she could to make their special days even brighter. They would even add walnuts from the trees in their backyard to the chocolate cake for extra crunch.