Sunny Anderson Has An Informative Message For The Twitter Trolls

While the internet can be a 24-hour, seven-days-per-week resource for learning how to fix a leaky toilet or finding inspiration for your son's dragon-themed birthday cake, for some, the anonymity of the internet fuels lousy behavior that a person would not otherwise display in public. Famous or not, once your image, ideas, or words are put online, you become vulnerable to toxic comments and threats by trolls in a pervasive phenomenon known as the online disinhibition effect.

A 2019 Australian survey found that 39% of polled people experienced online harassment, with abusive language being the most prevalent form. Celebrities, from politicians and activists to entertainers, can have a stunning amount of negative social media interactions. Statista reports that Piers Morgan was the most trolled public figure on Twitter in 2021, with a staggering 52% of the tweets sent to him negative, and no one is immune. 

Celebrity chef Sunny Anderson has seen her share of internet trolls attacking the co-host of Food Network's "The Kitchen" on everything from her weight and using the word "chef" to the sound of her voice. The celebrity joined the Food Network in 2007 and has repeatedly used her social media platforms to address the issue of trolling.

While some victims lash back out at their trolls, others like Anderson take a different approach. Recently Anderson posted an informative but cheeky message for all the Twitter trolls out there, and her fans are in support.

Open letter to trolls

Unfortunately, Sunny Anderson is not new to bullying. Rather than attack back, Anderson uses these messages as a teachable moment on the human spirit. In a post on the chef's Instagram account in 2020, Anderson wrote, "First off, I had a built-in bully at home, k? So early on, I knew what bullies were...insecure, hurting, little miscreants."

As a mature black woman, Anderson now gets bullied by internet trolls who are "narcissists that think their nasty missives should be seen and heard." She used to try to reason with the haters but now restricts or blocks them from her account.

Anderson is very active on social media and uses her platforms to connect with her fans, share new recipes, and generously donate goods and money to her followers. 

In a recent Twitter post, Anderson brought some levity to the subject of trolling, asking trolls to "1. Watch your grammar. 2. Be creative. 3. Reply in a timely manner." Comments were overwhelmingly positive, with users calling the humorous tweet "classic" and complimenting Anderson on her secure personality.

Occasionally her trolls are rehabilitated and apologize for their bad behavior, as an ex-troll turned ally did via Instagram. Anderson's ability to forgive personal attacks is inspirational. She points out the pain and ignorance that negative messages stem from, and is willing to listen to a troll's story, educate them, and even reward positive change.