Here's Where Trader Joe's Frozen Macarons Are Actually Made

Did you recently see a blogger's new Instagram reel and can't wait to travel somewhere new? We've all craved delicacies we see people eating on their voyages from time to time. This certainly could be the case when speaking about France, which is often considered the capital of gourmet food and pastries. We have great news: You don't need a plane ticket to try France's beloved cookie sandwiches. Instead, you can visit Trader Joe's and buy a box of French macarons

According to the grocery chain's website, its macarons — sold in boxes by the dozen — come all the way from France. Called A Dozen Macarons variés, this product features different flavors of macarons, including pistachio, lemon, fig, coconut, apricot, and salted caramel. "A crispy shell with a soft chewy center," read an Instagram post from @trader_joes_treasure_hunt about these beautiful cookies. "These are our absolute favorite," one user commented.

Whether for sharing or a self-care treat, this little box invokes the feeling of stepping into a French pâtisserie. As these macarons come frozen, you should let them thaw for around 30 minutes at room temperature before biting into them. However, if this is not your type of pastry, fear not: Trader Joe's features an extended pastry section for all palates, with plenty of globally-inspired flavors for customers to enjoy. 

Travel the world with Trader Joe's pastries

Trader Joe's desserts have earned customers' hearts, especially considering their price and accessibility. Above all, the grocery chain is beloved for its originality –  and each store can certainly seem to have its own line of unique products and desserts. If you want to keep discovering international flavors, take the time to carefully pass through the aisles of your local Trader Joe's and read all the different boxes and labels: For those who enjoy French cuisine, there are more than macarons on offer. 

Here are some tips: If you want to feel like you're in France, search for Trader Joe's pain au lait (or milk bread), French apple tart, a classic French baguette or croissant, or its beloved French chocolate wafer cookies.

If you'd like to stay within the realm of European treats, Trader Joe's customers can also find Portuguese custard tarts or Italian cream puffs. Across the Atlantic Ocean, you might find a Trader Joe's Tres Leches Cake, the creamy and wholesome dessert many Latin American countries love. You might also find Japan's famous mochi somewhere in the aisles, from original to seasonal flavors. This list can go on and on, so we'll leave the rest of the international dessert hunting to you.