McDonald's Ugly Grimace Holiday Sweater Is About To Take Over The Season

As 2023 comes to a close, many of us are taking a step back to reflect on the previous year. Maybe it was a good one, or perhaps even a great one, but either way, we'd venture a guess that no one had a better year than Grimace.

For Ronald McDonald's rascally purple sidekick, 2023 was the year he turned 52, and everyone showed up to party. A limited edition Grimace Birthday Meal and Shake were released in his honor, and he even became a viral TikTok meme! To further solidify 2023 as "the year of the Grimace," McDonald's announced in a press release that a purple holiday sweater featuring the smiling face of none other than Grimace himself will be available for purchase on December 1.

Complete with snowflakes, strings of mini milkshakes, yellow arches, and Grimace donning a Santa hat, the only way this festive McDonald's merch won't make you the winner of your annual ugly sweater party is if the judges find it too darn cute. And because the jolly jumper is fully knit, it is sure to keep you as warm as a McDonald's holiday pie — even if it's as cold as a McFlurry outside.

Must be the season of the Grimace

Before McDonald's set the Grimace sweater loose on their merch site, food reporter @Snackolater took to Instagram to share the news of the impending merch drop with their 168,000 followers. To say it caused a buzz would be an understatement. "This is not an ugly sweater," one fan wrote, "It's the cutest sweater I've ever seen, and I need it." Another added, "If I could get this sweater and the Crocs, my life would be complete," referring to the Grimace-inspired Crocs McDonald's and the shoe company released together earlier this year.

While most of the feedback was positive, some commenters thought the sweater's $65 price tag was a rip-off — much like the reportedly overpriced Grimace meal. "Way too expensive at $65," one person wrote, "I'm really surprised anyone would want it after seeing that price."

Those not scared off by the hefty price tag can grab the Grimace holiday sweater on, beginning at 9 a.m. CT on December 1. With sizes ranging from small to 3X, the whole family can be decked out in festive Grimace merch. And if you're looking to add even more McDonald's merriment to the holiday season, the fast food giant revealed in a press release you can score some McDonald's branded wrapping paper and a Chicken McNugget Stocking.