12 Of The Best Hotel Restaurants In The US, According To Reviews

Blending seamlessly into the fabric of the guest experience, hotel restaurants are a convenient dining option. From a quick breakfast before a day of exploring to a leisurely dinner or even a nightcap, hotel restaurants offer an array of options that don't require guests to leave the comfort of their temporary abode. Unfortunately, not all hotel restaurants are created equal. While some such establishments impress with their culinary offerings, others may disappoint, serving uninspiring dishes that are best forgotten.

For some discerning travelers, a hotel restaurant that delivers a memorable dining experience can make or break a vacation. These establishments typically boast menus crafted by renowned chefs, featuring dishes made from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Whether opulent or more down-to-earth, reputable hotel restaurants are also often thoughtfully designed to create an atmosphere that's both aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

Looking for the best hotel dining experiences in the U.S.? Take a look at our curated selection of hotel restaurants, renowned for their exceptional food quality, atmosphere, and innovative spirit! Drawing from reviews that appeared in Forbes, USA Today, Condé Nast Traveler, and more, we've ranked each hotel restaurant based on its ambiance, food quality, and uniqueness.

1. Le Cavalier at the Green Room at Hotel du Pont, Delaware

Nestled within the iconic Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware, which opened its doors in 1913, Le Cavalier at the Green Room is a more contemporary take on the hotel's former restaurant, The Green Room. Opened in 2020, the French brasserie strikes a balance between elegance and contemporary chic, creating an atmosphere that is both upscale and welcoming. A case in point is the restaurant's interior, which skillfully blends high ornate ceilings, dark wood paneling, and Victorian-era style chandeliers with abstract art reproductions.

Le Cavalier's menu offers a blend of French-inspired cuisine with a modern twist. Each dish is not only a nod to the venue's rich culinary heritage but also an exploration of contemporary flavors. The options are both classic and innovative, with "Petits Plats," or starters that include Steak Tartare, Baby Beet Salad, and Fromage & Saucisson. Moving on to the "Grand Plats," or main dishes, Le Cavalier offers beloved classics like succulent lamb chops and gourmet burgers alongside more refined offerings like the Duck Provençal and Branzino Amandine. Seafood enthusiasts might also be tempted by the restaurant's "Fruits de Mer," or seafood, including lobster tails, oysters, scallops, and shrimp.

2. Lemaire at The Jefferson Hotel, Virginia

Constructed in 1892, The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia was once dubbed "The Belle of the '90s." Today, the striking establishment stands as a testament to the grandeur and opulence of late 19th-century architecture. Renovated in 1983 following a series of accidents and structural alterations, today the hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The magnificent building is also home to the Lemaire, a restaurant that specializes in New American cuisine and fresh takes on good old Southern cooking.

The culinary team at the Lemaire places a strong emphasis on fresh seasonal produce that's sourced regionally. The dinner menu at Lemaire features a sophisticated array of options, including a variety of oysters, vegetarian options, and hearty mains like the Vintage Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin and the Lemaire Barnyard Burger. For dessert, diners can indulge their senses with offerings such as Dark Chocolate Mousse with cherry jam and blood orange, and Apple Cider Bread Pudding with vanilla ice cream and roasted apples.

3. Superfrico at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Nevada

In case you're wondering, Superfrico isn't a word — not in the English language, anyway. The term does, however, seem to bring to mind a sense of boldness, creativity, and eccentricity. In the context of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Superfrico is an undeniable feast for the senses. Billing itself as an "Italian American psychedelic" restaurant, Superfrico is the brainchild of the theater company Spiegelworld. It's a vibrant venue that invites guests to immerse themselves in quality fare, creative cocktails, captivating art, and engaging entertainment.

Superfrico is divided into several areas, each with its own distinct character, making it not just a place to dine but also a destination to explore. The immersive experience features eye-catching artworks, vinyl DJs, and other forms of expression you probably wouldn't normally expect to experience over dinner.

In terms of flavors, Superfrico offers a menu rich in Italian flavors, serving dishes such as beef carpaccio, chicken parm, and a range of pizzas. Those who like a little of the unexpected are in for a treat with the Deviled Crab Pizza with blue crab, tarragon, and Ritz crackers or the Lumina Lamb Chops with pistachio, vadouvan, and mint. For an engaging dining experience, opt for the restaurant's Tableside Mozzarella, which involves one pound of fresh Belgioioso curd being stretched and molded right at your table.

4. Addison at Fairmont Grand del Mar, California

Set amid the scenic surroundings of San Diego's Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, a mere five miles from the shoreline, the Fairmont Grand del Mar hotel is aptly named. "Grand del Mar" translates to "Grand Sea Hotel" in English. The Mediterranean-inspired structure is home to the Addison, San Diego's only restaurant with three Michelin stars.

Operated under the watchful eye of Chef William Bradley, the Addison offers seasonal 10-course tasting menus with dishes crafted from regional ingredients. Wine pairings can also be organized at an additional cost. While over $350 a pop, the degustation experience isn't cheap, but it's bound to be a memorable one. Inspired by diverse global culinary traditions, the ever-changing menu features such imaginative offerings as Japanese kanpachi sashimi with salted kiwi and pickled pear, Thai tom kha soup, and Swiss potato rösti with Spanish Iberian ham. The restaurant also serves other lavish culinary delights such as caviar, wagyu, and truffles.

5. Chez Philippe at The Peabody, Tennessee

Opened in 1869, The Peabody has been a symbol of Southern grandeur and elegance for over 150 years. The Memphis hotel is famous for its daily Peabody Duck March that sees a group of the web-footed birds make their way along a red carpet to the hotel's lobby fountain, a tradition that dates back to the 1930s. Another of the hotel's attractions is the Chez Philippe, the only Forbes Four-Star, AAA Four-Diamond rated restaurant in the Mid-South.

Chez Philippe is an opulent restaurant that blends a grandiose setting with modern French fine dining. The interior boasts golden draperies, soaring ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and intricate wall frescoes, all contributing to the regal ambiance. Patrons can indulge in either a four-course meal or an extensive seven-course tasting menu crafted by Chef Keith Clinton and Executive Pastry Chef Konrad Spitzbart. Some of the dishes that have been served at the restaurant include herb-crusted lamb rack, charred scallops, and crispy crab cakes. However, one thing that you won't find on Chez Philippe's menu is duck, since the hotel considers the feathery quackers to be friends rather than dinner.

6. Ai Fiori at The Langham, New York

An oasis of elegance right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan in New York City, Ai Fiori at The Langham showcases the richness of the culinary traditions of the French and Italian Rivieras. The focus here is on fresh, high-quality seasonal ingredients, and regional favorites such as hand-made pasta. The fine dining establishment offers à la carte, four-course prix-fixe, and tasting menus, including a vegetarian menu option, to cater to a wide range of preferences and moods.

The spacious restaurant is both inviting and refined, with decor that features leather chairs, stunning floral arrangements, and grandiose square columns. The menu starts with an array of antipasti, such as the Hudson Valley foie gras terrine with pear, pepita, and brioche. The "Verdure" section offers an array of fresh veggie dishes such as the Barbabietole with beets, dill, creme fraiche, and horseradish. Then there is the range of pasta and risottos, including Trofie Nero with Ligurian crustacean ragù, scallop, seppie, and spiced mollica. Carnivores and pescatarians are also in for a treat with the restaurant's selection of decadent meat and seafood dishes like the Aragosta butter-poached lobster and the Cervo-roasted venison loin.

7. The Elysian Bar at Hotel Peter & Paul, Louisiana

The Elysian Bar is housed in a 150-year-old rectory and is a part of the Hotel Peter and Paul, which itself is situated in a beautifully restored church, school, and convent complex. The restaurant, bar, and café are steeped in history, ensuring that each visit is not just about dining, but about immersing oneself in an atmosphere that features elements of both the past and the present.

The Elysian Bar offers diverse spaces including parlors with antique seating, saffron rugs, flap-style drapery, and Italianate fireplaces. Additionally, there's a light-filled atrium that features floor-to-ceiling glass doors, elegantly tiled floors, and an array of hanging plants, creating a tranquil, garden-like atmosphere. Finally, there's the church, a spacious event space with stained-glass windows and a color scheme that highlights ivory, pink, and pale blue hues.

The restaurant prides itself on its extensive cocktail selection that includes classics and more modern takes on time-tested New Orleans libations. One such concoction is the La Louisiane with stellum rye whiskey, rosso vermouth, bénédictine, herbsaint, angostura, and Peychaud's bitters. The food ranges from simple Marinated Olives and House-Made Focaccia, served with honey butter, to more intricate options such as the Beef Tartare with Calabrian chili oil, cured yolk, and house-made chips. The Elysian Bar also offers plenty of seafood options, such as Murder Point Oysters, Octopus, and Roasted Gulf Shrimp.

8. The Stonehouse Restaurant at San Ysidro Ranch, California

Enveloped by the lush 550-acre estate of San Ysidro Ranch and flanked by the Los Padres National Forest and the Pacific Ocean, The Stonehouse Restaurant offers a feast for the senses. A part of a former citrus ranch, which played host to such big names as Groucho Marx, John and Jackie Kennedy, and Winston Churchill, the restaurant is located in a refurbished sandstone packing house from the 19th century.

The Stonehouse Restaurant prides itself on its contemporary American cuisine, crafted using seasonal ingredients sourced locally from Santa Barbara and California's Central Coast areas. The dishes are further elevated by the addition of freshly-harvested herbs and produce, picked from the ranch's organic garden. Additionally, the Stonehouse boasts an impressive wine cellar, a treasure trove that houses a collection of 14,000 bottles, encompassing 2,000 varietals from 70 wine regions around the globe.

The restaurant's menu features a diverse range of dishes, starting with appetizers like the pan-seared Santa Barbara abalone and the grilled Spanish octopus. For the main course, the restaurant offers delicacies such as the herb-crusted Colorado rack of lamb and Maine lobster cioppino. The menu also includes options for vegetarian and vegan diners, ensuring a range of choices that cater to different dietary requirements.

9. Sanaa at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney World, Florida

A part of the Disney World in Florida, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge has been inspired by African tribal villages. Guests at the lodge can enjoy views of a lush savanna that's home to over 30 species of animals and birds, including zebras, giraffes, and gazelles. The immersive experience doesn't stop there. Guests can also sample African-inspired flavors at Sanaa, one of the resort's numerous dining establishments. One of the unique aspects of dining at Sanaa is the opportunity to savor your meal with views of the savanna and its four-legged residents, making it a memorable experience that combines gastronomic delights with the beauty of nature.

Sanaa is known for its blend of African and Indian cuisines, offering a fusion of flavors that represent the culinary repertoire of these regions. The dining experience starts with an array of appetizers such as samosas and lamb kefta, and extends to entrées like the customizable Potjie-inspired dish, offering a fusion of African and Indian flavors. There's also a range of unique desserts such as the African Triple Chocolate Mousse and Kheer, a coconut and rice pudding with saffron-poached fruit and cashew streusel.

10. Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand, Nevada

Unveiled in 1993, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is a sprawling complex that houses a casino, as well as a multitude of club, bar, and restaurant options. Notably, the 5,000-room, 30-story mammoth was once the largest hotel in the world. When it comes to dining, the MGM Grand stands in a league of its own, featuring a plethora of restaurants that encompass cuisines such as Italian, French, Mexican, Asian, Greek, and American. One of these is Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand, a three-Michelin-star restaurant that specializes in French fine dining.

Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand is named after its founder, a celebrated French chef who was awarded 31 Michelin stars throughout his career. The restaurant features an opulent decor, reminiscent of an Art Deco townhouse, complete with striking chandeliers, as well as boldly-hued plush furnishings and fabrics. Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand offers a range of dining options from express tasting menus to a full degustation menu. The restaurant's innovative dish choices include the salmon confit with imperial caviar and an acidulous cream; black truffle with spaghetti, soft-boiled egg, and Parmesan emulsion; and chestnut velouté on celeriac flan with black truffles and bacon.

11. The Inn at Little Washington, Virginia

Situated in a former garage building in the small village of Little Washington, 67 miles from Washington, D.C., The Inn at Little Washington has grown from one achievement to another since first opening its doors in 1978. The restaurant's journey from a modest establishment to a beacon of fine dining and culinary excellence stands testament to the vision of one man — Patrick O'Connell. Sometimes referred to as the "Pope of American Cuisine," the self-taught chef is often credited with transforming the culinary landscape of the country. As such, it's little wonder that he has made appearances on shows such as "Top Chef," "Good Morning America," and "The Today Show."

A part of a 23-room boutique hotel, The Inn at Little Washington has garnered numerous honors, among them the prestigious three Michelin stars, a distinction it has carried since 2019. The restaurant offers a choice of two set menus — the Gastronaut's Menu and the Good Earth Menu. All dishes are made with produce sourced from local suppliers, a practice that the restaurant has followed from day one. Some of The Inn's menu options include Long Island duck breast, carpaccio of big-eye tuna and swordfish, and glazed sesame-crusted tofu on rice noodles.

12. SingleThread Farm Restaurant & Inn, California

The SingleThread Farm Restaurant is a part of a five-room boutique hotel in Healdsburg, Sonoma. The restaurant stands out for its strong emphasis on farm-to-table dining, with much of its produce sourced directly from its own farm a few miles from the inn. This close relationship between the farm and its farmers and the restaurant ensures that guests enjoy the freshest seasonal ingredients possible.

The SingleThread Farm Restaurant blends American and Japanese styles, in its decor and its dishes. This makes sense since the restaurant's Chef Kyle Connaughton spent time working for Michel Bras in Japan. The venue's tasting menus include vegetarian, pescatarian, and omnivore options. While the specific dishes change depending on the availability of ingredients, some of the restaurant's typical offerings include regional bounties such as Monterey abalone, Dungeness crab, and Ora King salmon. Several other dishes that have been served at the SingleThread Farm Restaurant have included beef tartare, duck liver parfait, and potato mousse with lobster mushrooms and white sturgeon caviar.


To bring you this list of the best hotel restaurants in the U.S., we read countless reviews from reputable publications such as the Forbes Travel Guide, USA Today, and Condé Nast Traveler, and selected these restaurants because they showed up consistently in travel guides. Our final selection took into account customer opinion of each establishment's ambiance, food quality, and uniqueness.