19 Go-To Drinks To Make Your Galentine's Day Glow

There's no better way to get your Galentine's Day celebration off to a sweet start than with a selection of juicy drinks you can make at home. Sure, you might bake up Valentine's Day desserts to woo your sweetie, and you might even go shopping for whiskey gifts to give as a spicy token of your affection. But when it comes to sharing time with your inner circle, you'll want a beverage menu with imaginative creations that invite you to indulge your affection for your besties. Exciting, colorful sips made with attention to detail are the order of the day.

To give you a selection of sure-fire fun drinks to share with your gal pals, we've rounded up our favorite Galentine's Day-ready beverage recipes. These concoctions are simple enough for home mixologists to conjure with a few choice ingredients and a bit of bartending magic. Dust off your shaker and get ready to stir up an array of jubilant drinks that are perfect for toasting the best of times with the best of friends around the table!

1. Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink

Coffee shop fans will have a heyday enjoying this at-home take on Starbucks' most famous colorful beverage. A mix of grape and berry flavors merge with coconut milk and fresh strawberries for a soothing sip that blushes when it hits the glass. You'll never miss the Seattle siren with this sweet replica on the table!

Pink Drink uses fresh tea that requires an hour of refrigeration, so make it well ahead of party time. 

Recipe: Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink

2. Classic Roy Rogers Drink

Mocktails have a place in the Galentine's Day doings too, and nothing gets the dry drinking started like a classic Roy Rogers! A simple combination of Coke, grenadine and Maraschino cherries replicates the timeless taste of cherry cola with a touch of sophistication to mark such a special occasion. And it's alcohol-free, which is perfect for younger guests and teetotalers.

Give your glasses an extra touch of soda shop style with a dollop of homemade whipped cream.

Recipe: Classic Roy Rogers Drink

3. Strawberry And Rose Valentine's Day Cocktail

Looking for a fanciful way to bring roses into the Galentine's Day menu? This sweet, sparkling formula adds dried rose petals as a garnish to add the light, timeless perfume of real roses to the table. Gin is the spirit of choice for this shaken recipe, the perfect counterpoint to the sugared strawberry and rose syrup.

It's easy enough to make this drink alcohol-free. Just leave out the gin and add an extra ounce of club soda instead!

Recipe: Strawberry And Rose Valentine's Day Cocktail

4. Strawberry Rosé Granita

Add a cool touch to your holiday happenings with an icy slush made from blushing rosé and sweet strawberries. Galentine mixologists will love following the step-by-step process for making rosé syrup and blending it with fresh strawberries for a base with complex yet refreshing flavors. Rather than drinking this one, you'll want to serve it with spoons for scooping.

It'll take six or so hours to grate the liquid as it freezes, so prepare this one well in advance of your guests arriving.

Recipe: Strawberry Rosé Granita

5. Strawberry Hot Chocolate

The younger crew at your Galentine's festivities will enjoy a hot chocolate drink infused with the bright zing of strawberry flavor. Creamy hot chocolate finds a true friend in milk blended with fresh strawberries. The result is a warm beverage that feels like a hug in a mug!

Turn your tabletop into a hot chocolate bar with bowls of sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and other add-ins and invite your party people to customize their cups.

Recipe: Strawberry Hot Chocolate

6. Strawberry Sweet Tea

Galentine's Day gets a Southern touch with this sweet tea, zhuzhed up naturally with fresh strawberries for a special burst of flavor. The earthy essence of green tea gets a jolt of energy by sharing the pot with strawberries and sugar. It's a bright and colorful take on a fruit tea that'll add a joyful Valentine hue to your spread.

To keep guests' tea from watering down, freeze halved strawberries to drop in their glasses instead of regular ice cubes.

Recipe: Strawberry Sweet Tea

7. Frozen Strawberry Margarita

You can't go wrong blending up a happy hour favorite like a frozen strawberry margarita to get your girls in the Galentine spirit! The sprightly fruit-flavored slush is the perfect beverage for bringing party vibes to your together time. Silver tequila ensures a smooth gulp, while triple sec and limeade add an irresistible citrus smash-up.

Using a bag of frozen strawberries lets you enjoy your margaritas no matter what's available in your produce section.

Recipe: Frozen Strawberry Margarita

8. Summery Strawberry Sangria

Cast off the winter chill this Galentine's Day with a summery take on sangria featuring juicy strawberries in the pitcher. White wine in the pitcher imparts a lighter color and flavor, while both fresh and frozen strawberries lend their fruity essence and add a pretty heart-shaped ornament to every glass.

Sparkling water and fresh basil leaves add a refreshing touch that distinguishes this soft take on sangria from its darker, richer counterparts.

Recipe: Summery Strawberry Sangria

9. Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

Galentine's Day revelers of all ages will thrill to the sweet-tart taste of strawberry lemonade made from scratch! If the weather permits, make a pitcher of this fresh-squeezed citrus sipper sweetened with syrup made from real strawberries and take it outside for a festive picnic-style celebration. It's an ideal partner for light sandwiches and artful appetizers.

Want a more adult version for your gal pals? Add a splash or two of vodka to elevate the party spirit!

Recipe: Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

10. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Rum things up a little with a frozen strawberry daquiri that brings to mind classy cocktail hours from days gone by. This tropical treat is just cool enough to fit into a brunch or luncheon, but jazzy enough to spice up a dinner with your BFFs.

You won't need much time to get these Galentine's Day drinks ready. Just a quick five minutes for all the ingredients in a blender gets them ready to pour, plus a little slicing time for the charming lime slice garnish.

Recipe: Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

11. Chocolate Drizzle Strawberry Milkshake

For a concoction that drinks as much like a dessert as a beverage, this strawberry milkshake is a sure winner. Younger Galentine's Day partiers will adore the drizzle of chocolate that makes the glass feel like a drinkable chocolate-dipped berry. Be sure to serve them in stylish clear glasses to let the artful chocolate syrup drizzle show through.

Raspberries make an excellent substitute or add-in to turn up the bright berry flavor in this ice cream treat.

Recipe: Chocolate Drizzle Strawberry Milkshake

12. Best Frose

The chill of frose is a welcome guest at any Galentine's Day party, no matter what the thermometer reads! The soft texture of frozen wine makes a delicate snow-like base for adding frozen strawberries for sweetness and color. The result is a flavorful glass that refreshes without overwhelming your tastebuds.

Strawberries sliced three-quarters up from the bottom rest perfectly on the side of each glass as an edible garnish.

Recipe: Best Frose

13. Bubbly Cherry Bomb

The explosive flavor of cherry with a blast of lime creates a perfect formulation to be shared among friends. The real kicker in this juice-and-soda swizzle is white rum, a sweet spike that pulls the other flavors together for a grown-up soda-style drink. The succulent red hue shining through the glass makes it like you're drinking something wildly decadent!

Float maraschino cherries and mint leaves in each serving to add a touch of colorful interest.

Recipe: Bubbly Cherry Bomb

14. Frose Cocktail

Things take a turn for the fancy with this lush frose cocktail adorning your Galentine's Day drink spread. This is more than just a wine slush; the inclusion of Chambord and both strawberries and raspberries takes the indulgent fruit flavor into the stratosphere. The result is a sophisticated iced beverage a winner for raising in celebration of the power of female friendship!

This one takes a little over three hours with freezing time considered, so plan accordingly.

Recipe: Frose Cocktail

15. Dirty Shirley Cocktail

The drink world's most famous non-alcoholic cocktail grows up with a Dirty Shirley. The original soda-and-grenadine recipe hits the adult drinking scene with the addition of vodka, keeping the sweetness clean while infusing the syrupy base with a buzzy bite. You can play with the concentration of lemon-lime and cherry flavors to get a blend that works for your crew.

Serve your Dirty Shirleys in your fanciest whiskey glasses with a cherry on top to make every sip super stylish.

Recipe: Dirty Shirley Cocktail

16. Easy Wine Slushie

The enticingly deep and luxurious purple color makes this lavish slush feel like a deluxe cocktail. But don't be fooled by the complex appearance. Unlike other wine slushies, you can whip up this simple swig in five minutes, thanks to frozen berries doing the heavy lifting instead of your freezer. You can toss it together in a pitcher just before your Galentine gang arrives.

Rather than a particular varietal, this recipe calls for sweet red wine, which means you can use any bottle you favor.

Recipe: Easy Wine Slushie

17. At-Home Barbie Shake

Celebrate one of the most glam girlfriends on the Galentine's Day scene with a supremely pink shake inspired by Barbie herself! Rimmed with colorful sprinkles and topped with a spritz of whipped cream and a cherry, the presentation is a throwback to old-fashioned soda shops — the perfect aesthetic for a treat commemorating one of the original Galentine gals.

Serve these playful shakes in vintage shake or sundae glasses to complete the retro vibe.

Recipe: At-Home Barbie Shake

18. Sweet Red Sangria

The rich color and indulgent flavor of this garnet-hued sangria will kick off your Galentine's get-together in a bold yet elegant way. Orange juice and brown sugar let you control the sweetness, while rum and red wine add the alcohol kick that turns a simple fruit cocktail into an adult beverage with real punch. It's a fantastic way to get the good times rolling.

Try freezing your apples and orange slices to use as makeshift ice cubes for an extra chilly blast.

Recipe: Sweet Red Sangria

19. Classic Shirley Temple

Zero-proof doesn't have to mean zero fun, as the timeless Shirley Temple will attest. All it takes to recreate this fizzy concoction is ginger ale, lime juice, and grenadine syrup. Drop a few maraschino cherries on top for color, and you have a Galentine's drink that the whole party can enjoy without getting tipsy.

Create the illusion of a more grown-up beverage by serving your Shirleys in highball glasses with clear cubed ice made in silicone molds.

Recipe: Classic Shirley Temple