Taylor Swift's Go-To NYC Restaurants, Ranked

Since Taylor Swift officially took up residence in New York City in 2014, there's been no shortage of restaurants and bars that have hosted the superstar. While the chances of catching a glimpse of Swift might be slim, depending on if she's in town between stops on her international Eras Tour and quick trips to support Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs during the team's playoff season run, there are a few go-to restaurants that Swift has reliably turned to when in town.

The majority of the restaurants Swift and her crew have been spotted at are located within walking distance of Swift's NYC home in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood, although she's also been seen making frequent trips to restaurants across the city over the last year. We've taken the liberty of ranking some of Swift's go-to NYC restaurants from the perspective of a local, considering how easy it is to get a reservation or a reasonable wait time, if there's anything notable or exceptional about the menu, the restaurant's price point, and more loosely, how it stacks up to other restaurants serving similar cuisines.

There aren't any "bad" restaurants on this list per se — and with the kind of access that Swift has, why would there be? But where membership or status, price, or wait times are big considerations, sometimes how good the food is matters less. No one likes a hungry New Yorker.

12. Zero Bond

It's not that Zero Bond isn't an amazing place to get a bite to eat or enjoy a drink — it's that very few people will ever find out. While Zero Bond has a full-service restaurant, Omakase service, café, and bars on-premises, you're going to need an exclusive membership to the private social club to try any of it (or know someone who's a member, like Tom Brady or Elon Musk).

It's precisely because of that exclusivity that Zero Bond is where you're most likely to casually catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift. The singer has been spotted leaving the private club, which opened in 2020, several times over the last year — and as recently as December. Memberships to Zero Bond range from $2,750 to $4,400 per year, with a whopping $5,000 initiation fee for those 45 years and older. It's far more feasible to consider being a regular at the Starbucks on Broadway and Bond instead.

They'll call you, maybe.

0 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012

11. Brasserie Fouquet's

Brasserie Fouquet's is a French bistro restaurant nestled inside the Fouquet's New York hotel in Tribeca — which only opened in December 2022. Most New Yorkers most likely have never heard of Brasserie Fouquet's, especially if they don't often frequent hotel restaurants. Not that they can't be impressive, Ai Fiori and Le Crocodile are restaurants that are more than the hotels they're located in. But this outpost appears to be tailored more towards the jet-set guests it hosts in the hotel, and perhaps the niche audience of Francophile New Yorkers who have probably experienced the restaurant's namesake restaurant in Paris.

It seems that Taylor Swift has a long history with the restaurant, making stops at the original location near the Champs-Élysées in Paris as far back as 2010. Brasserie Fouquet's describes itself as a "quintessential Parisian brasserie" and with a menu that provides creative reinterpretations of French classics. But given the price point of the menu, the average New Yorker most likely is never going to find out. Especially since places like Pastis, Buvette, and even Balthazaar might be similarly pricey, but are sure bets.


(917) 965-2584

28 Desbrosses Street, New York, NY 10013

10. Waverly Inn

What do you do when you're the editor of Vanity Fair magazine, and you want an exclusive location to wine and dine all of your famous friends and colleagues? You open an upscale American-style tavern in the Village, naturally. And that's just what Graydon Carter did in 2006. The Waverly Inn and Garden sits on the corner of Bank Street and Waverly Place, and at one time, was nearly inaccessible without some level of notoriety and an invite from Carter himself.

Nowadays, there's still a good chance that you'll spot a celebrity or two there for dinner — it's still New York, after all — but you don't actually have to be famous to grab a bite there anymore. You just need a reservation. And for Swifties, there's an actual chance that you might spot the singer out on a date with boyfriend Travis Kelce, or meeting up with friends like Lena Dunham. You can expect a civilized atmosphere at this neighborhood institution that's a little bit stuffy, but not uncomfortably so. Don't worry about the food so much; you're there for the people-watching anyway.


(917) 828-1154

16 Bank Street, New York, New York 10014

9. Locanda Verde

Not only has Andrew Carmellini's Locanda Verde been a neighborhood staple in Tribeca since it opened in 2009, but it's been reported that Taylor Swift has frequented the restaurant since making NYC her home in 2014. In her early NYC days, she could be spotted leaving the restaurant solo at lunchtime, but given that it's close to her Tribeca home, it's not a bad choice for comforting go-to dinners either.

Locanda Verde is actually open for breakfast starting at 7 a.m., seven days a week, as well as lunch and dinner. A few steps above some of the red sauce joints you're likely to find in Little Italy, the menu has a mix of Italian food favorites, spanning regions in Italy, as well as American interpretations of classic Italian dishes. If Locanda Verde hits the spot, a visit to some of Carmellini's other restaurants in NYC might also interest you, including The Dutch, Bar Primi, and Lafayette — another hotspot that Swift has been spotted at on more than one occasion.


Text: (212) 925-3797

377 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013

8. Lucali

It's a bit of a hike from Taylor Swift's Tribeca home, but Lucali Pizza is apparently worth the trip. Swift and several friends have been spotted at the popular Brooklyn pizza joint on several occasions, including back in December with NYC bestie Selena Gomez, and then again this January with longtime friend, Blake Lively. But Swift and her crew aren't the first celebrities to fall in love with Lucali's pies. It's also said to be a favorite date spot for Beyoncé and Brooklyn native, Jay-Z.

Like other restaurants on this list, Lucali doesn't take reservations, but a walk-up waitlist opens up at 4 p.m. on a first-come, first-served basis — and since it doesn't typically take very long to enjoy a pizza, there's a good chance you'll actually get a bite to eat instead of being turned away at the door. Pizzas and calzones are also available for takeout and delivery if waiting for a table isn't in the cards.

A simple Large Pie with Basil feeds at least 2 people and starts at $32, before additional toppings. Aside from also offering calzones, that's about it for Lucali's menu. The restaurant accepts only cash and is BYOB, which might be a welcome change of pace for those looking for a satisfying meal without too much of a markup.


(718) 858-4086

575 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

7. Emilio's Ballato

Judging by the restaurants included on this list, it's clear that Taylor Swift has a soft spot for Italian food. Last fall, Swift was practically a regular at Emilio's Ballato while she was at home in NYC. Not especially hard to find, Ballato's has been open for business on East Houston Street, the northernmost edge of NoLIta, since 1956.

Ballato's doesn't take reservations, which wasn't a huge deal in the past, but since it's seen so many celeb sightings recently, prepare to wait on the sidewalk for a table to open up. The small, old-school dining room looks like it's straight from a scene in Goodfellas, and the heavily weathered walls are covered with photos of stars who have stopped by for a bite. The Southern Italian-inspired menu doesn't pull any punches, and every dish tastes like it took decades to perfect (which they likely have). While it's one of the most expensive dishes on the menu at $85, the Costello D'Vitello Parmigiana (veal Parmesan) might just be one of the most impressive veal Parms you'll ever have in your life.


(212) 274-8881

55 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10012

6. The Polo Bar

It's clear from the moment you even consider trying to get a reservation at the Polo Bar by Ralph Lauren, that this is not going to be a casual affair. Unlike Zero Bond, you don't actually need a membership to dine here, but it's not the sort of reservation you can score online. Instead, you'll need to call the restaurant directly to try and make a reservation, just like you would if you were visiting a high-end country club. And be prepared to dress the part if you actually do manage to get a seat.

Because of its exclusivity, it's no surprise that the Polo Bar is a coveted hotspot for A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift (who — let's face it — is whatever list is above A-list at this point). The restaurant opened in early 2015 and hasn't seemed to have lost any popularity since. Swift commented that the popular Ralph's Reuben Sandwich is, "quite possibly the sandwich they feed you if you get to Heaven." But don't sleep on the off-menu weekly rotating burger special, which occasionally includes the Colorado burger, with white onion, clothbound Cheddar, housemade BBQ sauce, pickles, and bacon on a brioche bun. For something really special, go for one of the Polo Bar's three steaks, which are sourced directly from Ralph Lauren's private ranch in Colorado.


(212) 207-8562

1 East 55th Street, New York, NY 10022

5. Freemans and Banzarbar

Some time between being named Time's Person of the Year, being on an international tour, winning a few more Grammys, and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, Taylor Swift found the time to have dinner at the incredibly cute Freemans restaurant, and host her 34th birthday party at Banzarbar, the restaurant's 20-seat upstairs cocktail bar (which you might not have even known was there until images of Swift's birthday party splashed across your social feeds in December).

Nestled at the back of a heavily spray-painted alleyway off the Bowery, (Freemans Alley, to be exact), Freemans restaurant has been a not-so-secret hidden gem since it opened back in 2004. Open for lunch and dinner every day of the week, the menu is comprised of comfort food classics like Fried Chicken & Waffles, with a nod to Colonial Tavern foods and a generous helping of downtown dining staples, like Burrata Toast, Kale Caesar salad, and Seared Spanish Octopus.

Freemans is the type of place you can take someone on a first date or take out-of-town visitors to for brunch or dinner since it's usually easy enough to get a reservation if you plan ahead, has a menu that's averagely-priced, and options that will please just about everyone. Walk-ins are also encouraged. Swifties with a soft spot for Evermore, will appreciate the restaurant's exclusive champagne menu to really set the mood.

freemansrestaurant.com and banzarbar.com

(212) 420-0012

Freemans Alley, off Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

4. Via Carota

Via Carota, famously and frustratingly, takes very few reservations and has no phone number — but it can otherwise be worth the wait if you're planning on going at non-peak hours. Located on Grove Street in the West Village, the James Beard Award-winning restaurant is helmed by chefs Jody Williams and Rita Sodi, neighborhood icons who have two other restaurants just steps away, Buvette and I Sodi (both of which are also worth a visit, even if Taylor Swift isn't a regular).

Swift was seen dining at Via Carota several times in 2023, once in September with her close friend and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, during the actress' highly publicized split from her husband. Earlier in the year, Swift also made an appearance at Via Carota after news of her own breakup with longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn surfaced.

Even if you had to wait two hours or more for a table, the hearty, rustic, and fulfilling Italian dishes served at Via Carota are exactly the kind of thing you'd want to indulge in while navigating a breakup. A bite of handmade pasta or fried rabbit would be just the thing you needed to escape all the New York City drama for a few hours.

Email: ciao@viacarota.com

51 Grove Street, New York, NY 10014

3. Nobu Downtown

The first Nobu opened in NYC when Taylor Swift was about four years old, and has since expanded into a veritable empire, so there's a good chance that this isn't the first time you've heard about it. Even if you've never eaten at a Nobu (and you have at least a middling interest in the dining scene), you'll know that Matsuhisa Nobu is one of the most famous chefs in the world. His restaurants are popular places for spotting every walk of celebrity — and Swift is no exception to that rule. The musician has been seen enjoying a meal at both NYC locations, Nobu 57 and Nobu Downtown, although the Downtown location seems to have attracted her more often.

At this point, you should know the meal that you're in for at Nobu is going to be a fantastic one, but the aesthetics of each restaurant are unique to the location. Nobu Downtown is located in the landmark American Telegraph & Telephone (AT&T) building, complete with soaring 30-foot ceilings and massive columns — a real delight for anyone with a taste for old New York architectural design, and an ideal setting for special occasions or when you want to dine in style. Even if Swift isn't present, you can't help but feel the whole place shimmer.


(212) 219-0500

195 Broadway, New York, NY 10007

2. Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria

Sticking to the downtown scene, the star recently enjoyed a meal with friends at Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria on Great Jones Street, located within a few blocks' radius of several of the other restaurants in this lineup. The second restaurant from the Il Buco family of restaurants by Donna Lennard and Alberto Avalle, Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria is a market, café, and restaurant that's an expansion of everything that made the couple's first restaurant, Il Buco, such a success.

The original Il Buco is nothing short of romantic, outfitted with an old-world brick wine cellar, barrel-vaulted brick caves, and rustic Italian countryside furniture to complete the vibe. Many of the same elements were incorporated into the design of Alimentari, with a little more focus on the Italian kitchen. Even if you're visiting for the Swiftie experience, make sure you stay for the impressive selection of house-cured salumi, made from heritage-breed pork, which is worth the trip all on its own. Alimentari reservations are relatively easy to secure during the week, but you'll want to make sure to plan a few weeks in advance for the best seating selection.


(212) 837-2622

53 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012

1. BondST

A few doors down from Zero Bond, you'll find BondST, an upscale contemporary Japanese restaurant that serves up some of the most gorgeously appealing dishes you've ever had the pleasure of looking at. It would be hard to pay attention to the food in front of you, regardless of how beautiful it is, with Taylor Swift, Brittany Mahomes, Sophie Turner, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, and Gigi Hadid walking through the dining room. BondST is known for its sushi, nigiri, and sashimi, but has an extensive menu that covers soups, salads, crispy rice, tempura, and full-sized entrées.

Given its location and celebrity clientele, you might be surprised to see the restaurant's prices. Two pieces of specialty sashimi run about $16, which isn't cheap but is still accessible for those who'd like to sample some of what BondST offers. Additionally, there's a Chef's Selection of 8 pieces of Nigiri and Sashimi available for $64, and entrées available in the $36-$58 range, including a Grilled Wagyu Skirt Steak for $48. While it's by no means an inexpensive meal, the quality, presentation, and flavor of the dishes served at BondST punch way above their prices.


(212) 777-2500

6 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012


The prerequisite for this list was to choose places that Taylor Swift has visited on more than one occasion. A restaurant worth a second visit in a city with so many options is a good indication that Swift actually enjoyed herself, and hopefully, the food and drinks are pretty good, too.

Next, I considered if the restaurant is somewhere that's actually possible to get a table (which is what landed Zero Bond at the bottom of the list). For restaurants that are a little more challenging to get a reservation at, or require a substantial wait, I weighed that against the menu, the average price of the dishes, and the general experience offered. New Yorkers notoriously have little patience for waiting in line for things, so if it's somewhere that's going to require a wait, the food had better be something special.

Very few restaurants have it all — easy reservations, an impressive menu, moderate prices, and an enjoyable atmosphere. And a small rustic mom-and-pop restaurant isn't going to compare exactly to an international restaurant group with a celebrity chef. I've been living, cooking professionally, and dining in NYC for more than a decade — so naturally, I've put my experiences and personal opinions to use when ranking these restaurants. So, I ranked these restaurants from the perspective of a local, with the assumption that I could get a reservation, and Taylor Swift was picking up the check.