Add Ham To Homemade Cheese Biscuits For The Ultimate Breakfast Upgrade

Homemade biscuits can be a little tricky to pull off since they're not the most forgiving of baked goods, but they're doable if you have a good recipe to follow. We have more than a few of these, ranging from a simple three-ingredient biscuit recipe to a bakery-style buttermilk one to one for savory biscuits made with tomatoes and basil, but one of our favorite biscuit recipes is made with cheddar cheese enhanced with bits of diced ham. As developer Milena Manolova describes this dish, it's "a wonderful combination of flaky, buttery goodness, savory ham, and sharp cheddar cheese." In her opinion, it is also "an irresistible choice for breakfast."

These biscuits can stand on their own with nothing more than a smear of butter to make for a light, continental-style breakfast, but if you want a heartier meal, they pair well with scrambled and fried eggs or you could also go country-style and top them with white gravy (here's our recipe). These biscuits can also serve as a side dish at dinnertime, too — they'd be perfect with fried chicken, or you could go hog-wild and serve them with ham. If you're in need of a satisfying appetizer, you might want to make miniature versions of these biscuits, split them open, and fill them with an extra sliver of ham. You could even try adding a spoonful of strawberry jam if you're a fan of sweet and savory flavor mashups.

You can also make these biscuits with other meats and cheeses

As with so many recipes, you can take this one as a template and alter to suit your own preferences. For starters, you can change up the cheese as long as you stick with a cheese with a similar texture. Cheddar is considered to be either hard or semi-hard, so some of the cheeses that can be substituted for it without messing up the texture of these biscuits include Swiss, gouda, provolone, mozzarella, and any of the Jack family (Monterey, pepper, Colby, etc.).

While ham would go okay with any of the above-named cheeses, you might want to swap out the meat, as well. If you're going with Swiss or gouda, then ham probably is your best bet. If you want to change out the ham for cooked, crumbled, bacon, then you might want to stick with cheddar. People thinking of using provolone or mozzarella, though, could try using diced pepperoni or salami for the meat and then stir in a teaspoon of Italian seasoning to make pizza biscuits. Dipping these in a side of marinara will make them a fun appetizer for a spaghetti dinner.