15 Delicious Add-Ins That Will Take Your Whipped Cream To The Next Level

Whipped cream is a beloved staple in countless desserts, enhancing the flavor and texture of a wide array of treats, from homemade pies and cakes to gourmet patisserie creations. A bowlful of this fluffy delight is pretty appealing as it is, but there are also some wonderful ways to transform whipped cream into something extra special. With the help of some simple add-ins, it's easy to bring a unique twist to your whipped cream, giving it a stand-out flavor that will help it take your dessert to the next level.

From the simple comfort of vanilla or the richness of cocoa powder, to the freshness of mint or boozy kick of whiskey, there are many ways to upgrade whipped cream. We've rounded up some of the most delicious ingredients to try adding to your next batch, all of which are readily available and super easy to incorporate into the cream.

You might have tried some of these variations before, but we guarantee there are a fair few on our list that will capture your imagination and have you reaching for your mixer. So, the next time you're whipping up a bowlful of the fluffy stuff, why not try enhancing its flavor with one of these tasty add-ins?

1. Cocoa powder

We're starting things off with a crowd-pleasing and unquestionably delicious add-in for your whipped cream. Cocoa powder is a fantastic ingredient for that can bring rich, chocolatey flavor and an appealing color to your whipped cream. Chocolate-infused whipped cream is perfect for frosting and filling cakes, spooning on top of a steaming mug of hot chocolate, or dolloping on a bowlful of fruit.

All you'll need to do is add the cocoa powder to the bowl of your stand mixer along with the fresh, cold heavy cream. About three tablespoons of cocoa powder per cup of cream will work great. Adding some granulated or powdered sugar (about four tablespoons per cup of cream) also helps to balance the bitterness of the cocoa. Another popular add-in is a dash of vanilla extract, which compliments the chocolate flavor beautifully.

Once everything is in the bowl, start mixing on a low speed, then gradually increase to high. Whip until the cream has reached your desired level of thickness (which can take up to five minutes) and your wonderfully chocolatey cream is ready to add to your next dessert.

2. Coffee

Here's one for the caffeine lovers out there. You might have tried adding instant coffee to cakes or brownies, but it's an amazing way to enhance whipped cream too. Coffee-infused whipped cream can bring a sophisticated touch to your desserts, balancing sweetness with its aromatic and slightly bitter taste.

To make coffee whipped cream, we recommend using instant espresso powder, since it tends to have a richer and more robust flavor than regular instant coffee. Just add a cup of cream to the bowl of your stand mixer along with two teaspoons of espresso powder and two tablespoons of sugar. Beat for a few minutes until everything is well combined and the cream has reached either the soft peaks or stiff peaks stage (this will depend on how you intend to use the cream). You might need to stop and scrape the sides of the bowl every now and again.

The coffee cream will keep well in the fridge for up to two days. Just be sure to keep it in an airtight container or bowl covered with plastic wrap until you're ready to use it. We love to spread this version of whipped cream between two layers of rich chocolate cake for the ultimate mocha-inspired bake.

3. Vanilla

Vanilla extract is an extremely popular addition to whipped cream, and for good reason! High-quality vanilla is the perfect way to enhance the flavor of the rich cream, with the result being a versatile topping that complements a wide array of desserts.

For a simple, classic vanilla whipped cream, combine a cup of cold heavy cream with half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and two tablespoons of sugar before whipping everything up in your stand mixer. You can also use an electric hand whisk if desired, or good old-fashioned hand-whisking if you've got time and energy. Be careful not to over whip the cream, which can lead to an unpleasantly thick and grainy texture.

If you fancy taking your vanilla whipped cream to the next level, amp up the flavor and sophistication by using whole vanilla pods. You'll need one vanilla pod per cup of cream. Just slice the pod lengthways with a sharp knife and scrape the seeds from the center. As you're whipping the cream, add the seeds once the cream has just started to thicken, then keep beating until it's ready. Using vanilla pods also means you get the beautiful visual of tiny vanilla bean specks throughout the whipped cream (and keep the rest of the pod for making your own vanilla extract).

4. Whiskey

Adding whiskey to whipped cream is a fantastic way to give it a kick of sophisticated flavor perfect for adult desserts. Whiskey has a wonderful warmth and slight spiciness that blends seamlessly with the cream's sweetness. The result is a super rich topping that you'll struggle not to eat by the spoonful.

We recommend adding two tablespoons of whiskey to a cup of heavy cream, along with up to six tablespoons of sugar. Feel free to add a drop of vanilla extract or pinch of cinnamon, which would compliment that wonderful spiciness in the whisky. When it comes to selecting a whiskey, we love a warm and robust bourbon. However, there are many other types of whiskey that will work beautifully here, so feel free to choose your go-to drink of choice.

Try making a spiked hot chocolate or coffee by dolloping your whiskey whipped cream on top of your favorite hot beverage, or add a spoonful to a slice of pecan pie too booze-ify your dessert. You'll find that the warming kick of whiskey can add a real element of comfort to any sweet treat.

5. Cinnamon

If you're looking to upgrade a fall-inspired dessert, then this variation is a must-try. Cinnamon will add a warm taste to your whipped cream, making it the perfect topping for all your holiday baking needs. The natural sweetness of the cream and the spiciness of the cinnamon makes for a cozy and comforting flavor combination that — we'll warn you now — is exceptionally moreish.

For the perfect balance of cinnamon flavor, try adding one teaspoon of cinnamon to a cup of cold heavy cream. Some powdered sugar wouldn't go amiss here, either; about three tablespoons should be perfect. As usual, it's a simple case of beating everything until nice and thick, either with a hand mixer or in your stand mixer.

Cinnamon whipped cream is an incredible addition to desserts such as pumpkin, apple, and pecan pie, adding an extra layer of flavor. It's also perfect for dolloping onto a bowl of baked or poached fruit, like pears or apples, for a simple and wholesome dessert.

6. Peanut butter

If you can't get enough of the sweet and nutty flavor of peanut butter, try adding a dollop to your next batch of whipped cream. It's a fun flavor variation that brings extra richness and that signature sweet and salty taste.

Just a tablespoon of peanut butter is enough to enhance a cup of heavy cream with wonderful nuttiness. Combine this with two tablespoons of powdered or granulated sugar for some balancing sweetness. Once everything is added to your stand mixer bowl, simply beat until the peanut butter-infused cream holds its shape.

Peanut butter and chocolate are winning combo, so this whipped cream variation will pair brilliantly with a range of chocolate desserts. Try serving it on top of brownies, chocolate cake, or chocolate pudding for a rich burst of nutty deliciousness. It's also excellent for topping a slice of banana cream pie or a stack of pancakes for a breakfast treat. You could even use this one as a dip for fruits like apples, grapes, and strawberries.

7. Lemon

For a fresh and zesty variation on classic whipped cream, adding lemon can be a great option. You can use both the zest and juice of a fresh lemon to give the cream a tangy twist, with both imparting heaps of delicious citrus flavor.

For each cup of heavy cream you're whipping up, trying adding a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, two teaspoons of lemon zest, and three tablespoons of powdered or granulated sugar. Beat with an electric hand whisk, or in your stand mixer, until the cream reaches the soft or stiff peaks texture, depending on how you intend to use it. A stiffer cream is best for filling or frosting cakes, while a softer texture can be lovely if you're adding the cream to fruit or drinks. Try adding your lemony whipped cream to citrusy desserts like lemon meringue pie or key lime pie, for an extra layer of zesty goodness.

8. Strawberry jam

Strawberry jam is a fantastic ingredient that can add fresh, fruity flavor and a pleasing pink color to your whipped cream. Using jam will bring more sweetness and concentrated strawberry flavor than the fresh fruit would, and it's also a much simpler process with no pureeing and straining required.

Since the jam itself is already fairly sweet, you shouldn't need to add any additional sugar here. Just combine a cup of chilled heavy cream with half a cup of strawberry jam, then beat to combine, gradually increasing the speed as you go. After a few minutes, the cream should be beautifully pink and holding its shape, ready to adorn your desserts of choice. Choose a good quality jam with a high content of real fruit for the best results. If you have extra time, you could even try making your own jam from scratch.

Spoon this fruity delight over a slice of pound cake, a warm scone, or use it as a unique topping for waffles or French toast. It's an amazing way to add a hint of strawberry flavor to your dessert.

9. Matcha

Matcha has become a somewhat trendy ingredient in drinks and desserts in recent years, but its popularity certainly isn't unfounded. This Japanese green tea powder offers a subtle, slightly earthy flavor that can truly elevate your whipped cream, as well as adding a beautiful green hue to your desserts.

To make matcha-infused whipped cream, first add a cup of cold heavy cream to the bowl of your stand mixer along with two tablespoons of sugar. You can also add a little vanilla extract if desired. Start beating the cream, and once it's slightly thickened but not yet at the soft peaks stage, sift two teaspoons of matcha powder on top (sifting will prevent it from getting clumpy). Then, keep on beating until the cream is at your preferred texture — soft peaks or stiff peaks, take your pick.

Matcha whipped cream is perfect for adding a unique flavor and striking look to a variety of drinks and desserts. Pipe a generous swirl on top of your matcha latte, or dollop it on slices of cheesecake or shortbread cookies to create an elegant and sophisticated treat. Matcha cream would also add amazing color and flavor if used as a filling for macarons, or layered up in a fruit trifle.

10. Honey

The most common way to bring sweetness to whipped cream is with a few spoonfuls of powdered or granulated sugar. However, honey is also an amazing choice of sweetener, lending a delicate floral flavor and easy semi-liquid consistency to the mix.

For honey whipped cream, all you'll need is a cup of heavy cream and a tablespoon of honey. A runny honey will work best here, rather than a thicker, more set variety. We also love to add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt into the mix to balance the sweetness. Add all of these ingredients to a bowl and simply whisk until the cream is thick and luscious. A top tip is to chill the bowl and beaters in the fridge or freezer before whisking, which can help everything to fluff up with ease.

This wonderfully sweet cream is great served on top of fruit crumbles or cobblers, or perhaps a fruity bread pudding. Or try using it to fill crepes for a creamy, honey-infused breakfast treat.

11. Cream cheese

Mixing a little cream cheese into a batch of fluffy whipped cream is the perfect way to transform it into something altogether more decadent. It'll give the cream a velvety smooth texture and subtle tangy flavor, while maintaining a wonderful lightness too.

Since cream cheese is quite heavy in texture, it's best to first whip up the cream separately. Add a cup of cold cream to your mixer bowl, and whisk until you have lovely stiff peaks. In a separate bowl, add four ounces of softened cream cheese and half a cup of powdered sugar. If you'd like to add any other flavors, like lemon juice or vanilla, now's the time to pop these in too. Beat the cream cheese mixture until smooth, then add the whipped cream and fold very gently until everything is combined.

This variation is perfect for frosting cakes, especially red velvet or carrot cake cupcakes. The tangy, rich cream cheese flavor makes a seriously delicious match for the sweetness of the cake.

12. Caramel

Cream and caramel — it's a pairing we often see in desserts, though perhaps they're more commonly incorporated as separate elements, such as in a banoffee pie or stack of profiteroles. But this dream team can also be joined together as one to create a deliciously sweet and buttery caramel cream.

For this variation on classic whipped cream, add a cup of cream to your mixing bowl and start beating. After about a minute, when the cream has just started to thicken, add caramel sauce (a quarter cup should work well here). Then, continue beating until everything is thick and golden.

Caramel is a super versatile flavor that will fit effortlessly into a vast array of desserts. Use this sweet cream to enhance an apple pie, top a rich chocolate brownie, or add flavor to a bowlful of ice cream. It makes an incredible finishing touch for a luxurious hot chocolate too.

13. Lavender

If you've never tried incorporating the floral flavor of lavender into your baking, we highly recommend giving it a go. It has a subtle, soothing taste that can make any dessert feel super elegant. And, being incredibly easy to prep, lavender whipped cream is a brilliant place to start if you're testing out this unique flavor for the first time.

You might assume that making lavender cream requires some kind of meticulous extraction process involving fresh lavender; in fact, lavender syrup is the simple solution. Infused with plenty of potent floral flavor, this syrup can be purchased online and in many speciality stores. With this handy ingredient, it's a simple case of drizzling the syrup into the cream as it's being whipped. You'll need about 2 tablespoons each of lavender syrup and powdered sugar per cup of cream for the perfect flavor balance. You could also add a few drops of purple food coloring to give the cream a lavender-esque hue. Just go careful to taste as you go and don't overdo it, as some may find too much floral flavor to be overpowering.

Lavender pairs amazingly with citrusy and fruity flavors. Pipe swirls of lavender cream onto a lemon tart, or spread it on top of a berry pavlova. The floral note works as a surprisingly wonderful contrast to the other sweet and tart flavors.

14. Mint

If you love fresh flavors, mint is the ultimate add-in to upgrade your whipped cream. It can inject a light, invigorating freshness into cream, transforming it into a flavorful topping that'll work incredibly well with a range of desserts.

Peppermint extract is a convenient ingredient that packs a punch when it comes to minty flavor, and therefore perfect for taking your whipped cream to the next level. Add three quarters of a teaspoon of extract to a cup of heavy cream and a quarter cup of powdered sugar, and whisk everything up until you've achieved that irresistible, fluffy texture. A few drops of green food coloring can also make a fun addition to the cream.

If you prefer to use fresh mint leaves, make a homemade mint syrup by combining them with sugar and water and boiling everything for a few minutes. Then, just strain out the leaves, let the syrup cool, and fold it into your whipped cream.

When we think about pairings for mint, chocolate is of course the first thing that springs to mind. These two are a match made in heaven, so don't hesitate to dollop this on your chocolate brownies, cakes, or even chocolate mousse.

15. Rosewater

Rosewater is a bit of a love it or hate it ingredient, but we think its delicate floral flavor makes a perfect pairing for a batch of fluffy whipped cream. This simple add-in can introduce an elegant feel and subtle sweetness to desserts, with that distinct aroma transforming your treats into something with a hint of extra flavor and sophistication.

A little goes a long way when it comes to rosewater, so start by adding a small amount to the cream. You can always adjust this as you go, so start small and taste throughout the process. Half a teaspoon per cup of heavy cream is a good place to start. Just add the two together and whip until thickened. You can also add a little sugar if desired and a touch of pink food coloring to lend a beautiful rose-inspired hue to the cream.

Add your rose-infused cream to your favorite cakes, puddings or fruit bowls to get that wonderful floral flavor hit. We think it would be fantastic served with a creamy panna cotta or a gooey white chocolate blondie.