The Surprising Ingredient In McDonald's New McFlurry

Look, we cover new dessert ideas on a regular basis. We've seen everything under the sun. We've delved into the mystery of blue moon ice cream, of KitKat obsessions in Japan, and into the intricacies of unbelievably perfect pecan pies. We have done more research than we'd like to admit when it comes to the different flavors of Hershey's kisses, we know it the moment that Krispy Kreme drops a new donut flavor, and if Oprah likes a treat, we want to write about it. Which is why we can tell you with confidence that McDonald's new McFlurry is a jaw-dropper. More than that, it's a how-many-of-these-can-we-eat-before-we-die kind of situation. Because next to this McFlurry, Germany's Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry looks like amateur hour. 

Are you ready for the big reveal? McDonald's Instagram page describes the treat as "creamy soft serve topped with Donut Balls and hot fudge sauce." Yes, the balls are cinnamon – did it even need to be asked?  But, because nothing can be perfect (and especially not in 2020), here's the catch. McDonald's new Donut Ball McFlurry is only available for two weeks. It's only available through Uber Eats, and it's only available in the land Down Under.

Here's what Aussies are saying about McDonald's new Donut Ball McFlurry

Although this will come as a surprise to no one, know that McDonald's Donut Ball McFlurry is an indulgence in the truest sense of the word. Uber Eats reports that you can order the Donut Ball McFlurry with donut balls (duh), hot fudge, and Oreos. And, from afar, we'd definitely recommend all three. The experience will cost you about 5.75 Australian dollars, (or just over 4 US dollars) and 2580 kJ, which is equal to just over 600 calories. So far, reviewers are raving. "Don't mind me, just daydreaming about the Donut Ball McFlurry I had the other night," tweeted one McDonald's fan. "Oh no it's so good," wrote another convert on TikTok.

If you live in Australia and don't want to order it from Uber Eats, you can do it yourself by ordering the donut balls to an Oreo flurry and adding in the chocolate fudge, like Twitter user @NotClemancholy did. "It is shockingly not bad," they report. "10 out of 10!" they exclaim in a follow-up video before ultimately lowering  the rating to "a solid 8 out of 10." As for us? We're browsing Google Flight for tickets to Australia.