Delicious Ways To Use Your Leftover Christmas Ham

Somehow, sitting down to eat a plate of ham is just never as appealing on December 26th as it was on Christmas day. Still have leftovers sitting in your fridge? No need to reheat them as-is for a disappointing recreation of your Christmas dinner – instead, use that ham to make something totally new!

The Takeout recommends using your leftover holiday ham to make a breakfast hash or quiche. For the hash, you can also throw in leftover potato skins, french fries, or whatever other extras you may have in your fridge. Fry the ham up with veggies and potatoes until the hash is golden brown, and your post-Christmas breakfast is good to go. For quiche, you'll first need to bake or buy a pie crust. Cut the leftover ham into small pieces and throw in any other quiche add-ins you may want, like cheese and veggies. Pour the custard filling (made by mixing an equal ratio of one egg to one cup of milk) on top of these ingredients in the pre-baked crust. Bake the quiche for about 40 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, until it's firm but still has a little wiggle. 

Make sandwiches and casseroles with leftover ham

Allrecipes recommends using your leftover ham to make a Monte Cristo or Cuban sandwich. For the Monte Cristo, top your sandwich bread with alternating slices of the ham, Swiss cheese, and turkey; some mayonnaise; and some mustard. Coat the sandwich in a mixture of one egg and a half cup of milk, and brown the whole thing in a skillet. For the Cuban, Allrecipes says to split a bread roll; top it with mayo, mustard, Swiss cheese, ham, pork, and pickles; close the sandwich; and brush the outside with melted butter. Press the whole thing in a sandwich press or on a skillet, and cook for five to eight minutes. Slice the classic pressed sandwich diagonally and it's ready to eat! 

If you want to go the casserole route, Allrecipes recommends a few different types of ham and potato casseroles. Similarly, The Takeout suggests you make a Minnesotan hotdish with ham and tater tots or an Amish zucchini casserole, which the outlet describes as including ham, zucchini, crackers, and cheese. With so many options, there's no excuse for boring microwaved post-Christmas ham — you deserve to end your year better than that.