The Pioneer Woman's Daughter Just Revealed Her Baby Plans

Can you believe The Pioneer Woman has been on the air for 26 seasons already? Yes, she started all the way back in 2011, at which time her oldest daughter Alex would have been a gawky 13. Well, Alex has sure grown up all right, right in front of our eyes. We've watched as she went off to college (Ree cried a bit), as she graduated (Ree cried some more), and then over the past summer she thrilled her mom and The Pioneer Woman fans by announcing her engagement to long-term boyfriend Mauricio Scott! (Ree needed two boxes of tissues for this.)

What comes next for the Pioneer Family? Well, a wedding, obviously, although this is still a few months off with the nuptials due to take place in May. First came love, next comes marriage, but could the step after that be...Granny Ree pushing a baby carriage? Well, we looked into the Magic 8-Ball (okay, actually it was the Pioneer Woman blog) and the answer was: Signs point to yes — but not quite yet.

When Alex Drummond wants to start her family

Alex Drummond and her fiancé recently took a trip to Colorado together, but on the way home they decided to pass the time in a productive way by answering some of the many questions fans have for them. While some of the queries were about the couple's pre-engagement life and some about the wedding, there were a few who wanted to know about their post-wedding plans. Specifically, just how soon they planned to start a family and how large they want that family to be.

The two were on the same page about the first question, both agreeing that they were in no rush to start in with the baby-making. As both are still quite young, it stands to reason they might want to enjoy some more time together as a twosome before baby makes three. Eventually, however, Drummond revealed that she would like to have three or four little ones of her own, a similar-sized family to the one she grew up in. While Mauricio didn't immediately jump on board with this plan, he eventually agreed that three or four was a number he could work with. After all, they'll probably have a more than willing babysitter — as long as they agree to let the kids spend nearly every moment of their lives on-camera, that is!