Here's What Gordon Ramsay Had To Say About This $777 Burger

Gordon Ramsay's American Road Trip is kind of like the Scottish chef's own version of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, only Ramsay's not going it alone. Along for the ride are two fellow foodies, Italian chef Gino D'Acampo and French maitre d' Fred Sirieix, and no one in the trio seems to be quite as devoted to the whole culinary populist shtick as is Guy Fieri. The signature dish Ramsay may be best known for, after all, is his hard-to-make but oh-so-impressive beef Wellington.

While the road trippers may be searching high and low for "hidden culinary gems," as the show's description would have it (via Fox), not all of these gems are of the greasy spoon variety. In fact, one stop Ramsay and company made was at a Las Vegas eatery that, judging by the prices alone, obviously caters to very high rollers with a whole lot of money to burn.

Ramsay absolutely loved the amazing(ly expensive) burger

According to Insider, Ramsay brought his friends to Burger Brasserie to try a gourmet burger with an even higher price tag than the one on his Gordon Ramsay Burger at Harrod's. Ramsay's most expensive sandwich is a mere $107, less than 1/7 of the price of the $777 777 Burger. This might be what you'd be willing to shell out for a burger if you've just hit the jackpot and have already toasted your success with a bottle or three of champagne. And speaking of this celebratory beverage, the $777 meal deal does include a drink: a bottle of Dom Perignon. (Sirieix was not impressed, calling it "sacrilege" to wash down a burger with this hallowed beverage.)

So what else did Ramsay and his crew get for their $777 so-far-beyond-happy-it's-downright-exuberant meal? The burger itself is made from American Wagyu beef; topped with lobster, goat cheese, pancetta, foie gras, and arugula, and drizzled with century-old balsamic vinegar. (What, no Beluga caviar?) D'Acampo really enjoyed the burger, saying "The lobster and foie gras really come through," though Sirieix didn't feel the taste quite merited the price. Ramsay, however, had no buyer's remorse, saying the burger was "disgustingly expensive, but it's bloody delicious!" Plus, you know, it was a business expense, so the multimillionaire was probably able to deduct it from his taxes. For those of us not on an expense account, however, we can always make do with Ramsay's 2nd choice: an animal-style burger from In-N-Out.