Aldi Fans Won't Want To Miss These Snacks Coming In February 2021

One of the things we love most about Aldi is the fact that there's always something new to tempt you through their doors each week. Their website posts a constantly updating list of new Aldi finds, including innovative yet affordable household goods, pet supplies, and even exercise equipment. Most exciting of all, however, are all of the new food items Aldi introduces on a regular basis. They can be fun, they can be festive, and occasionally they make us wonder, "what were they thinking?" But we keep coming back for more.

If you just can't wait to see what Aldi's got in store (and in stores) in the coming weeks, good news! Mashed got a special sneak preview of their coming attractions, and we found intriguing treats galore. While some of these snacks might seem like they'll be sure to put the final nail in that New Year's resolution to lose weight, others are actually fairly healthy, and they're all priced anywhere between "seems reasonable" and "downright steal!"

Pita puffs are a tasty new snack chip (or cracker)

Pita chips have been around for a while, but pita puffs aren't quite the same thing. They're, well, puffier. Kind of like the difference between crunchy Cheetos and Cheetos puffs, only with pita bread as the base instead of, well, whatever Cheetos are made of. These pita puffs are made by Aldi's snack label Clancy's, and they are baked, not fried, coming in at 130 calories per serving. They're available in two flavors, both of them pizza-related: cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. Hmm, maybe if they're a bit bland on their own, maybe you could try dipping them in marinara? You can see for yourself starting on Feb. 24th, and it'll only cost you $1.99 a bag to try them out.

Aldi's latest exotic chip flavors have Asian spices

Aldi's been all-in on creative chip flavors as of late. While some of these, such as Turkey & Stuffing and Moscow Mule, were a bit odd, others like Cuban Sandwich and Nashville Hot Chicken were exactly what the world has been waiting for. Will they have a new hit on their hands with their Journey to India Tandoori Barbecue and Journey to Thailand Thai Curry chips? Be among the first to know on February 10th. Why not try both? They're just $1.69 a bag.

These frozen appetizers are also Asian-inspired

Asian flavors are taking over Aldi's frozen snack section, too. February 3rd brings Fremont Fish Market's Boom Boom Shrimp with sweet Thai chili sauce for $5.99 and Journey to India mini samosas (these come in both chicken tikka and veggie versions). On the 10th, you can pick up some Fusia Crab Rangoon. These crazy-delicious pseudo-Polynesian appetizers would be perfect to serve alongside a Mai Tai in your basement Tiki bar (or in your living room, should you not have been so blessed by the Tiki gods).

Chicken fries to rival the King's

While Burger King tends to rank not so high on any list of fast food burgers, fries, sandwiches, etc., there's one thing they do have that none of their rivals can match: those oddly addictive chicken fries! If the fries are just about the only thing you find yourself craving off the BK menu, though, and you don't want to be bothered to sit in the drive-thru line for that single product alone, just skip it and head on over to Aldi instead. Available Feb. 17th, Kirkwood's pre-cooked heat-and-eat chicken fries come in two versions: Whole Grain and Blazin' Hot.

So many pizzas

Wintertime evidently means 'za time, at least to Aldi, since February is bringing a plethora of pies. On the 3rd Mama Cozzi's Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza will be available for $5.99, while the 10th sees Mama Cozzi's biscuit-crusted Sausage & Cheese Breakfast Pizza for $3.99. The 17th sees several veggie options: Mama Cozzi's Roasted Veggie Deli Pizza (complete with "keto-friendly" crust) for $6.99 and Specially Selected Mozzarella Pesto and Roasted Vegetable Flatbreads priced at $3.49 each. On the 24th, though, that's when it really starts pouring pizza: Mama Cozzi's not-so-keto-friendly Macaroni & Cheese pizza returns, retailing for $4.99, while Mama Cozzi's Chicken Alfredo Rising Crust Pizza is just $3.99. Perhaps the most exciting of all the new pizzas, however, is the thin crust Mama Cozzi's Jalapeno Popper Pizza, bringing the heat to your tongue as well as the roof of your mouth for $3.99.

These are Aldi's wintertime ice cream and gelato flavors

The 24th is also the red-letter date for ice cream at Aldi – on this day they release two new winter-themed ice creams. While they play it coy and don't reveal the flavor of the Specially Selected Winter Italian Ice Cream Cups in the product description, the picture shows these to be available in Cappuccino. Aldi does, however, use the phrase "mixed assortment," which implies that other as yet unknown flavors may be available as well. While you only get two cups for $3.49, the best part is that they come in these super-fancy stemmed plastic goblets that you can probably come up with a cute way to re-use.

Aldi also offers a mixed assortment of their Sundae Shoppe Winter Gelato, though once again from the photo we can deduce one of the flavors: Caramel Cookie Crunch. This gelato will cost you $3.99 for a not-quite quart (28.5 ounces, to be precise).

Mangos get the chocolate dipping treatment

While chocolate-dipped strawberries may be a favorite Valentine's Day treat, 10 days after V-Day, Aldi will bring a new spin on this old classic: chocolate-dipped mangos! These Fuel by Nature dark chocolate-covered dried mangos are priced at $4.99 for a 6-ounce bag. While neither the fruit nor the candy coating may be quite the superfoods they're sometimes cracked up to be, the pairing should still make for a reasonably guilt-free (or at least guilt-lite) snack.