Coffee Recipes For When You Can't Go Out For A Latte

Sometimes the effort to get out of the house and pick up a latte at the nearest coffee shop seems like too much of a hassle. We need a coffee to motivate us to even leave the house. Other times, we're enjoying a perfectly cozy day at home working or hanging out, when it would be nice for a little afternoon pick-me-up. Plus, sometimes the latte budget gets a little out of hand. Whatever your reasons, we've compiled a selection of make-at-home coffee drinks that will have you whipping up cafe-style drinks to satisfy those indulgent coffee cravings.

If you like your lattes strong, we've got recipes made with rich cold brew and perky espresso. If you're more of a sweet Frappuccino kind of person, we've included some of our favorite Starbucks and Dunkin' copycat recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. There's even a recipe that demystifies the whipped Dalgona coffee phenomenon. We've even got a bright green frozen matcha latte recipe for the tea latte lovers out there.

You'll be surprised how simple some of these drinks are, which makes sense considering how quickly baristas have to create drinks during the morning rush. With a lineup like this, you can turn your kitchen into your very own personal coffee shop in no time.

Dalgona coffee you'll want to drink every morning

Like several other recipes recently, the Dalgona coffee phenomenon started on Tik Tok. By early 2020, it was popping up on just about everyone's social media feeds. Videos of people whisking furiously to turn coffee into what looks like foam got everyone wondering. What exactly is going on here? If you haven't tried Dalgona coffee for yourself, food blogger and Mashed contributor Susan Olayinka walks you through whipping up this fluffy dream with just a few simple steps. "[It's] honestly so good and even more fun to make," says Olayinka, "I'm sold! This feels like such a luxury to make at home."

The four ingredients include instant coffee, white sugar, your choice of milk, and kettle-heated water. From there, a frothing wand does the majority of the work to whip the coffee, sugar, and water into a rich coffee foam. You then float the coffee foam on top of a glass of milk, for what is essentially an indulgent inverted latte. Yum!

The easy frappuccino recipe you can make at home

Frappuccinos are a Starbucks-specific branded drink, meaning that you technically won't find a genuine one outside of a Starbucks location. But as one of the most popular offerings on the menu, so many people have figured out how to make them at home that it's not hard to make one in your very own kitchen. Recipe writer Sher Castellano breaks down this whipped frozen favorite into just a few easy to duplicate steps. She notes that while this is a basic version of the Frappuccino recipe, you can dress it up with additional flavors and ingredients to mimic your favorite Starbucks seasonal flavor. 

While Frappuccinos are popular in the summertime for cooling off and perking up, seasonal variations are available year-round. This is a great opportunity to get creative with add-ins and flavorings. There's plenty of technical information for the curious, too, as well as variations for people who'd like to skip out on the dairy that's normally ubiquitous in a standard Frappuccino. This make-at-home Frappuccino recipe shouldn't be missed.

Copycat starbucks pumpkin cream cold brew recipe

Ah, pumpkin spice latte season. Whether you love it or hate it, it'll almost certainly be here every fall for the foreseeable future. And if you're one of the many that love pumpkin spice everything, then you're in for a real treat with this recipe. This copycat Starbucks pumpkin cream cold brew recipe will likely save you a ton on coffee purchases once cooler fall weather arrives, simply because you can now make this indulgent recipe at home.

This cold brew creation doesn't require a ton of ingredients, but it does take a little bit of extra time and attention to make. Just remember that some of the best things in your kitchen and life, in general, take a bit more work than other projects. That said, the instructions are easy to follow. Plus, the recipe can be made in larger batches that you can enjoy many times over throughout your week. 

Pumpkin spice every day? Yes, please. We're already dreaming about sitting on the porch wrapped in our favorite sweater, watching the leaves change with a glass of this pumpkin spice coffee goodness in hand.

Copycat Starbucks vanilla bean créme Frappuccino

This is the ultimate drink hack for anyone that loves the Starbucks vanilla bean créme Frappuccino – which, believe it or not, doesn't actually contain any coffee. That doesn't stop it from being one of the most popular drinks on the Starbucks menu. Mashed recipe developer Lindsay Mattison set out to recreate this fan favorite at home using just three ingredients, all of which you might even already have on hand.

Vanilla ice cream is key to getting this indulgent drink just right. And what could be more appropriate, considering the vanilla bean créme Frappuccino essentially tastes like a lighter whipped milkshake? Once you've mastered this quick Frappuccino recipe, it can be transformed with additional flavors like strawberry, chai, and matcha for an endless variety of make-at-home Frappuccino flavors. More dessert-like treat than coffee break classic, keep this recipe in mind for a quick way to chill out and treat yourself.

Starbucks mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino copycat

The Starbucks mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino is a treat that merits its own holiday, at least in our humble opinion. Thankfully, recipe blogger Susan Olayinka has created a copycat recipe for this cookie-packed chocolatey frozen coffee wonder that you're sure to love. The ingredients are simple, using instant coffee, Oreo cookies, hot chocolate powder, milk, and caster sugar. Just know that you will need to plan ahead when assembling this treat, so be sure to give yourself enough time to make and freeze the coffee before enjoying it.

Frozen coffee keeps the drink from getting watered down, which happens quickly when it's made with liquid coffee and ice cubes. While you're at it, you can also make a large batch of coffee ice cubes to have on hand whenever the craving strikes. Otherwise, you can simply use them as ice cubes in your iced coffee without it turning into sad coffee-flavored water. 

Once you've got your frozen coffee, the rest comes together in a snap. The recipe makes three Frappuccinos, so you can share the love with whoever's around or treat your friends to a stay-at-home brunch if you're feeling generous

The Dunkin' signature latte copycat recipe you'll make all the time

For those of us who reach for a latte every morning, it's helpful to have our coffee prepped and ready to go before ever having to leave the house. If we even have to leave the house at all, that is. While Dunkin' is certainly convenient, we can't help but notice that it's still farther away than our own kitchen. So, equipped with the right ingredients and a touch of cooking prowess, chef Jaime Shelbert shows us how to make a copycat Dunkin' Donuts signature latte at home.

You'll be stirring together your own caramel sauce, made with maple syrup, cashew butter, and coconut oil before brewing some strong coffee and frothing some warm milk — all without changing out of your house slippers. Finally, the latte gets topped with a little bit of whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon to bring this comforting drink together. The recipe makes two drinks, so surprise your partner or friend with a fancy latte to kickstart their day as well. You'll be earning some pretty serious brownie points if you do.

Dunkin' frozen matcha latte copycat recipe

Matcha lovers can now indulge in the sweet delight of this Dunkin' Donuts frozen matcha latte recipe without ever having to leave home. This copycat recipe, created by food blogger Susan Olayinka, is made with milk, water and ice, matcha, sugar, and vanilla ice cream. If you're looking for a dairy-free alternative, this is a great opportunity to switch out the milk with a plant-based alternative, which works just as well as the original. Plus, with the large selection of dairy-free ice creams on the market, the combinations are practically endless.

Making this drink is as simple as stirring and dissolving the matcha, then tossing everything into a high-powered blender. Yes, it's possible that the most difficult thing you'll have to do here is pressing a button. 

Once it all comes together, pour your frozen matcha latte into two glasses (or one very large cup for yourself, we won't tell). Olayinka suggests adding whipped topping and a pinch of matcha powder to the top for an extra professional finish. Say goodbye to the Dunkin' drive-through this summer, and whip up this refreshing tea latte at home any time of day.