Nearly 1 In 3 People Could Easily Live Without This Iconic Fast Food Item

Lately fast food chains have been introducing "celebrity meals," a gimmick meant to mirror the real-life food orders of these famous figures. It seems that J. Balvin, Travis Scott, and even BTS really do eat at Mickey D's, and Charli D'Amelio's fondness for Dunkin' was well-established long before she gained enough TikTok followers to inspire her own namesake menu item.

Famous or not, most of us do have our own fast-food favorites. What would yours be, if would-be sponsors came calling? Would you go with a Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich with Polynesian sauce, paired with waffle fries and a peach shake? Or perhaps you're more of a Taco Bell fan, ordering two Doritos Locos tacos and washing them down with a Baja Blast

For every fast food favorite, there are also certain items that many of us just don't care for. Sure, we'd eat them if there was nothing else around, but given our druthers, we'd "ruther" not eat them. In order to determine America's least favorite fast food, Mashed polled 655 people, and the loser was ... a square burger, but not one made by Wendy's.

The majority could do without White Castle

Sorry, Harold and Kumar, but your favorite restaurant wasn't too popular with 32% of our poll respondents. They said White Castle sliders were the fast food menu item they could most easily live without. By extension, this implies most could cope with the loss of White Castle restaurants in general, since the chain really isn't known for anything other than those sliders.

While Wendy's burgers did not make the list, one of their menu items did come in second place in our unpopularity contest: their Spicy Nuggets, something 21% would not miss. The Big Mac came in third, disliked by over 14% of respondents, and in a big win for the rival Whopper, fewer than 12% said Burger King's signature item was the worst. 

KFC actually tied with Burger King for fourth place with their chicken bucket, and last place (meaning the least-hated item) was McDonald's fries. It's hard to believe 9% of people would choose to vote those off the menu, but perhaps they're carb counters. After all, the one temptation that's easiest to resist is the one that's no longer available.