The Best Holiday Treats Coming To Aldi November 2021

Now that Halloween is coming to a close, it's time to start thinking about Christmas trees, toasty winter nights, Santa's treats, and mugs of hot cocoa by the fireplace. And what better way to get into the jolly good spirit of the holidays than to give your pantry a Christmas-themed makeover — one that even Santa would be proud of?

Fortunately, Aldi has a sweet lineup of festive treats ready to hit store shelves starting in November. While the actual month of Christmas is still some time away and it isn't quite time to start opening your advent calendars or eating one too many Christmas puddings just yet, it is totally acceptable to cozy up to a stash of candy canes, peppermint-flavored chocolates, and hot cocoa — and stock up too!

It's yet another bonus that Aldi's November lineup of goodies isn't going to break the bank, leaving plenty of room to splurge for Christmas gifts and New Year's Eve celebrations! Here are a few Aldi Finds to look out for in the coming weeks.

Choceur Melting Chocolate Cocoa Snowman

In the past few years, hot chocolate bombs have become quite the rage — but this might be the cutest one we've seen yet. Aldi's version comes in the shape of a snowman made of white chocolate and is filled with marshmallows and dark chocolate drops that will taste amazing once heated up. Find it on Aldi shelves for just $1.99 starting November 5.

Benton's Fudge Coated Peppermint Cremes

This one will be a real treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. Benton's Fudge Covered Peppermint Cremes are cookie sandwiches with a peppermint creme filling, dunked in a thick layer of dark chocolate fudge, and then topped with crushed peppermint sprinkles. Priced at $7.99 a box, find these special treats on Aldi shelves starting November 5.

Choceur Hollow Chocolate Santa, Reindeer, or Snowman Character

Nothing says the holidays quite like chocolate — especially enjoying a large piece shaped in the theme of a cutesy Christmas character, of course! Starting November 17, Aldi will start selling these hollow chocolates in the shape of Santa, reindeer, or snowmen for $3.99 each. If you're hosting a holiday-themed bash, this will be the perfect too-cute-to-eat addition to the dinner table and they make great gifts, too.

Choceur Belgian Chocolate Waves, Assorted Varieties

If you're obsessed with Pringles iconic potato chips that are perfectly crispy and in the shape of a wave, you'll love this chocolate version. Incredibly thin and totally worthy of being eaten in one sitting, these Belgian Chocolate Waves from Choceur come in two flavors, mint and milk chocolate, and both sell for $2.49 for a container. Find them at Aldi beginning November 17 and stock up — it's likely that you'll get through a ton of these before Christmas even comes!

Choceur Break-A-Part Dark Mint, Milk Orange, or Dark Orange Chocolate

These break-apart chocolates are a super fun way to enjoy that holiday sugar. Shaped like an orange, you can literally snap apart a piece of chocolate just as you would separate a segment of the fruit. Available in dark mint, milk chocolate orange, and dark chocolate orange flavors, each will be priced at $2.49, and you can get your hands on one any time after November 17.

Specially Selected Winter Chocolate Truffles Assortment

The line of Specially Selected foods and drinks at Aldi offers shoppers top-notch holiday-worthy gourmet flavors at affordable prices. Starting November 17, shoppers will be able to buy a box of assorted truffles in the best flavors of Christmas and inspired by classic holiday recipes. These winter classics will be sold for $4.99 a box and are perfect for sharing, gifting, or just eating all by yourself!

Clancy's Dipped Peppermint Pretzel Stars

Being sugared out by the holidays is a very real thing. This treat adds a bit of saltiness with white chocolate-dipped pretzels. And, they're shaped like super cute stars topped with perfectly festive crushed peppermint candy. In fact, loyal Aldi shoppers might remember that these peppermint pretzel stars have been all the rage in previous years (via Chowhound). They will be back starting November 24 for just $1.99 a bag.

Clancy's Dark Drizzled Kettlecorn

When you have a big night of Christmas classic movies planned with friends and family, these limited-edition bags of kettle corn may be just the perfect festive snack. The sweet and salty treat comes topped with a rich drizzle of dark chocolate for a great finishing touch. Find it at Aldi stores starting November 24 for just $1.99 a bag. Get a few just in case!

Clancy's Mistletoe Snack Mix or Pretzels Gift Box

For more sweet and salty holiday snack inspiration, Aldi will also start stocking Clancy's Mistletoe Snack Mix that comes with chocolate-covered pretzels and other chocolatey bites. Or, if you're shopping for an early Christmas present or a snack to take to a holiday party, Clancy's Pretzels Gift Box with treats dipped in milk chocolate and caramel might be the perfect buy. Both will be available starting November 24 for $3.49.

Clancy's Drizzled Caramel Corn

Another popular holiday favorite making a reappearance at Aldi in November is Clancy's Drizzled Caramel Corn, which happens to be a kosher snack too (via Aldi Reviewer). The caramel popcorn-flavored snack is tossed in a drizzle of white and dark chocolate that makes a great flavor combo. As in previous years, you'll be able to get a bag for $2.99 starting November 24.

Beaumont Cocoa Hot Cocoa Cup Sampler Pack

Sometimes, deciding on just one flavor of hot chocolate is too big of a commitment to make, especially when there are so many days still left to enjoy it. Luckily for Keurig owners, Beaumont's hot cocoa K-Cup sampler pack is an ideal option to get all the best tastes. The limited-edition pack is available starting November 24 and offers six cups each of the mocha, peppermint, salted caramel, and Irish creme flavors. Get a box for $7.99 — and then simply press a button and be prepared for steaming hot deliciousness.

Benton's Candy Cane Sandwich Creme Cookies

If you're an absolute Oreo-obsessed snacker who always has different flavors stocked up in your pantry, Benton's Oreo-like sandwich cookies are a great bet. This package gets a holiday makeover with a candy cane-flavored cream filling that is merry and bright. Find packs of these treats at Aldi starting November 24 for $1.99 each.