The Best Way To Cook Your Eggs, According To Your Zodiac Sign

It's Sunday morning, you and your family are in the kitchen in your pajamas, bathrobes, and slippers, and you're all craving a hearty breakfast. Chances are, you're thinking about maybe some pancakes or waffles, or perhaps some sausage links with a glass of orange juice or cup of coffee to wash it all down. But you've left out one essential part of a great breakfast: the eggs.

While you could prepare your eggs the same way you do every morning, because this is the way your parents made them when you were a child, or perhaps it's simply the only preparation method you ever learned, there's another way that may be more suited to you. In fact, you'd be remiss to not find out how you should actually be preparing your eggs to align with your zodiac sign. It's true. So after you pop that bread in the toaster and fry up some bacon, pull up a kitchen stool because we're here to shed some light on how the stars can guide you to make the right eggs every time to round out your perfect breakfast.

Aries: Basted

Co-Star says that an Aries is always down for an adventure, like that cruise to Alaska they've been dreaming about, or backpacking through Europe. They're open to anything exciting and seemingly delicious, so naturally they would probably like an egg that's fried and continuously covered with melted butter. With lots of energy and a bold disposition, an Aries is quick on their feet, just as you'll have to be when spooning butter over that basted egg. Co-star also says an Aries can also be rather "hotheaded," so be sure to pull that egg off the stove before it burns.

Taurus: Over-Hard

There are few creatures more hard-headed than a bull (literally), which is the symbol for Taureans. Co-Star describes the Taurus sign as having an "all or nothing" mentality with "no in between." As they say, Taureans "embody stability," are a "rock of dependability," and tend to like things to stay the same instead of changing all the time. Given this tendency toward consistency, they are happy when their meals are prepared the same way over and over. When it comes to stability, you could certainly say over-hard eggs hit the nail on the head.

Gemini: Eggs in a Basket

The symbol of the Gemini, which is the twins (per Co-Star), lends us to surmise that the corresponding egg preparation for this zodiac sign must have two parts. And, indeed, eggs in a basket does — an egg and a piece of bread. While fraternal twins they may be, this egg and toast combo makes up a delectable breakfast, and, just like Geminis bring different types of people together, an egg in a basket brings distinct ingredients together. Truth be told, Geminis have a "childlike curiosity," so it's no surprise they're likely to try out this untraditional egg preparation.

Cancer: Over-Easy

Water is the element of Cancers — and, like a wave of water, a Cancer "only has one boundary, but it is very firm," says Co-Star. It's the same with the whites of an over-easy egg, firm and steadfast while the yolk inside runs like a brook. A Cancer's self-awareness is also constantly in flux just as the yolk of an over-easy egg jiggles on a plate before being broken. Because Cancers usually lack a sense of adventure, it's no surprise they'd spur for a tried-and-true favorite like this preparation.

Leo: Omelette

Co-Star says Leos "exude warmth ... have a really big personality ... and want to stand out," just like a tasty omelette made with your choice of cheeses and vegetables. A sun and fire sign, Leos are bright and love to flip their lustrous manes, just as you'd flip an omelette as soon as it gets to the perfect, bubbling temperature. Leos are often keen on themselves too, just as omelettes are full of all the chosen add-on ingredients you fold into them.

Virgo: Poached

Co-Star says a Virgo can be spotted by their perfectionist nature, attention to detail, and reputation as "clean freaks." As we know, in order to make a poached egg, your approach must be near-perfect and the timing has to be immaculately executed. Co-star also claims Virgos can be "finicky," just as preparing a poached egg can go well one time and be disastrous the next. Additionally, Virgos are often disappointed in themselves when they aren't perfect and can fall apart, just as an imperfect poached egg often does.

Libra: Over-Medium

According to Co-Star, the symbol for Libras is the scale, which often sits balanced in the center, and one of their traits is that they often "can't make decisions." So it seems to be the case with the over-medium egg too, which straddles the space between over-easy and over-hard. This sense of being in the middle of things spills over into Libras' personalities, as Co-star states they can be "simultaneously extroverted and introverted, strategic and spontaneous, focused and intuitive."

Scorpio: Deviled Eggs

There are few creatures more devilish and dangerous than a scorpion, the symbol of this zodiac sign. Co-Star says that Scorpios are always at battle with others and they have a "ruthless view of the world" that equates to an "eat or be eaten" mentality. What better egg preparation for a Scorpio then than a deviled egg with yolk that's mixed with sinful mayonnaise and hot mustard and then topped with spicy paprika? Like a Scorpio pursuing a lover, party-goers often attack this appetizer with the same "venomous intensity."

Sagittarius: Sunny-Side Up

The archer's element is fire, so it's no surprise that their egg preparation would be related to the biggest fire of all time: the sun. Sagittariuses could be said to have a sunny personality, as Co-Star claims they are often the "friendliest person at the party," and, like the sun, Sagittariuses are bright and loud, having "no indoor voice." A Sagittarius often falls in love with vibrancy, too, therefore, it's no surprise they'd be attracted to a sunny-side up egg, whose yolk shines brightly from the center of the whites, glowing as the fiery star of the egg world.

Capricorn: Hard-Boiled

According to Co-Star, Capricorns have a pretty set disposition. It can be ages until they "warm up to people" and they often "repress emotions." Just like a hard-boiled egg cooks a while until it's completely done, a Capricorn's self-image centers around their perfectionist nature, working harder and harder to surpass all obstacles until they reach their goals. (So, not surprisingly, ideal careers include accountants and lawyers.) And, just like each hard-boiled egg is a single entity, Capricorns aim to be totally self-sufficient in their daily lives.

Aquarius: Frittata

Co-Star tells us that Aquarians are "archetypical outcasts," just as a frittata may be to the world of egg preparation — and the site also says this sign can be the life of the party, which is not astounding since a frittata is meant to be sliced and shared. However, we also know that the Aquarian can be "purposefully esoteric," just like the frittata, which might not be for everyone. Nevertheless, Aquarians pride themselves on being different, so it's no surprise to find them preparing a frittata, rebelling against the quiche and its crustless form, and refusing to flip it over like an omelette.

Pisces: Scrambled

Pisceans are a water sign ruled by the planet Neptune. Their symbol is two fish swimming with opposing currents, an action that would probably create a "scrambled" pool of water. And just like water, Co-Star says, Pisceans have no boundaries, a characteristic that conjures the vision of scrambled eggs sprawling across a plate. Pisceans are also often insecure, which is why they're more apt to stick with a classic egg preparation than try to expand their repertoire with more elaborate concoctions.