Little Debbie's 2021 Holiday Lineup Includes 3 Tree-Shaped Treats

With Christmas coming up in less than a month, brands are in full swing with their Christmas treats and desserts. At Costco, you can find something much bigger than your ordinary gingerbread house: A pre-built gingerbread mansion that just needs decorations! Plus, Aldi customers have been getting excited for these boozy holiday drinks, like spiked eggnog. But if you're looking for something to snack on, check out Little Debbie's 2021 holiday lineup.

Recently, Brand Eating covered the holiday products that Little Debbie is releasing for the 2021 season, and you can also head to Little Debbie's website for other Christmas items, like themed ornaments and wrapping paper. Though there's a lot you can buy from Little Debbie for the Christmas season, if you're the type of person who loves desserts in fun shapes, then these three tree-shaped treats are for you. According to Brand Eating, Little Debbie's holiday snacks include Vanilla Christmas Tree Cakes, Chocolate Christmas Tree Cakes, and Christmas Tree Brownies.

What else should you know about these tree-shaped treats?

Want to hear more about these three snacks? There are descriptions of all of these products on Little Debbie's website, and the Vanilla Christmas Tree Cake is a classic yellow cake covered in white fudge and topped with a red stripe and green sprinkles. There's also a layer of creme inside the cake. Little Debbie calls this a "seasonal classic that's been enjoyed since 1985," so we figure this will be delicious.

For anyone who prefers chocolate over vanilla, grab a pack of Chocolate Christmas Tree Cakes. It's a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge and chocolate creme, along with the festive sprinkles and stripe on top. Another great option for chocolate lovers is the Christmas Tree Brownie, which has green frosting and colorful candies that look like ornaments.

Earlier this year, Little Debbie released Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream that would only be available at Walmart, but fans had trouble finding it in stores. Hopefully, these Christmas tree treats will be easier to find, and while you're at Walmart, look for the chocolate Elf on the Shelf cereal.